Procore's replatform to a composable tech stack.

Procore, a construction management software provider, had multiple websites across regions, running on different technologies and processes. They struggled to efficiently scale their CMS to meet business needs.


Connect all web properties through a replatforming initiative onto Contentful, a modern and composable tech stack that enabled centralized control of content, a great UX and the ability to scale over time.

  • Improved content editor experience, with new content being created 10x faster
  • Deployment process decreased by 3x
  • Site load times decreased by 3 seconds, making a faster performing site
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Procore is a construction management service provider with over 20 years of experience, specialized in building software for construction workers worldwide. 

Their digital properties were built on a monolith infrastructure with multiple websites built on different technologies and varying workflows amongst teams. Procore’s digital team knew they weren’t being efficient - neither with resources nor with costs. The developer experience was poor as well, causing unforeseen issues and making deadlines hard to meet.

They knew they needed a global digital experience with room for local content strategy and a modern, composable technology stack.



We partnered with Procore to revamp their tech infrastructure, focusing on centralized content control, consistent user experiences, and global scalability. To achieve these goals, Procore needed to transition to a CMS that could seamlessly connect all their web properties and teams into a single content system. Contentful emerged as the ideal choice because of its headless approach, breaking down content silos and promoting content reuse which ultimately enhanced the overall global user experience.

Vercel was chosen as the front end infrastructure to help developers build quickly and efficiently. The process kicked off with requirements gathering and a migration plan, with Appnovation taking the lead on the technical build of the new websites, including a Marketo integration, ensuring maintenance of data analytics.

We also collaborated with Procore to scale their development and production processes, optimizing efficiency and performance. While the Procore team had a solid understanding of the technology, our comprehensive expertise in the entire tech stack, including Contentful, played a crucial role in planning and implementation.

With the implementation of Contentful as Procore's new CMS system, the platform transformed their content management approach. Procore went from creating mini variations of content to reusing content which helped create new content ten times faster. Deployment processes became more efficient and they can now easily roll back to a stable branch in seconds.


Procore’s digital properties are now built on a modern technology stack that enables centralized content control while enabling a great UX and the ability to scale over time.

Since the new system's launch:

  • Build times have significantly improved, now three times faster than before
  • The average page load time decreased by 3 seconds across the Procore website
  • The content editor experience has improved, enabling content editors to reuse content and create new content 10x faster