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Extranet Partner Portal

Extranet Partner Portal

Teach For All is a global network of independent social enterprises that are pursuing the vision of “One day, all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.” Each of our 33 independent partner organizations is channeling their nation’s top talent against the problem of educational inequity.

The organization’s knowledge resources were highly decentralized, with files stored across multiple systems. People didn’t know where to go to find any information and knowledge resources were often duplicated and or out-of-date due to the lack of any central maintenance.  Due to this, staff could not simply search for information and, even when a document was found, it often required a person to physically explain the document. As a result, knowledge sharing was manual and uncoordinated.

Appnovation worked with Teach for All to develop a Drupal/Alfresco extranet that centralized their content and made it easily accessible to the different branches and partners of their organization. On top of being a content management solution, the extranet also serves as a primary tool for Teach for All's partner support as they leverage the site usage data to determine the types of materials and resources that are most needed for their partners, and shapes their knowledge management and content support strategy moving forward.

Teach For All, Drupal Website
Alfresco Development
Project Highlights
  • Custom designed by Appnovation
  • Drupal Alfresco Integration
  • 2014 Blue Drop Award Winner - Best Non-Profit Website
  • Drupal
  • Alfresco
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