Information Portal

Flexpaths Information Portal

Challenge: Flexpaths wanted a platform that companies could use to communicate consistent, legally-compliant flexible working policies and to their employees.

Solution: Appnovation built Educate on the Drupal CMS. Companies are able to have a configurable portal that shares information from the Flexpaths website to provide information, tools and resources to their employees, managers and HR about flexible work policies. The platform is available in a quick start "Essential" version for smaller companies or an upgradable, customized "Enterprise" version such as the one built for American Express.

Drupal Information Portal
Flexpaths Drupal portal
Project Highlights
  • Built on the Drupal CMS
  • Configurable portal that shares information
  • Platform is available in a quick start "Essential" version & upgradable, customized "Enterprise" version
  • Drupal