Instant Reader Mobile App

Instant Reader Mobile App

Kobo Inc. is one of the world's fastest-growing eReading services offering more than 2.5 million eBooks, magazines and newspapers - and counting. Recognizing the rapidly changing global app market Kobo, with an existing iOS application, needed a cross-platform solution accessible by their international clientele. Using SproutCore, Appnovation helped Kobo build the Instant Reader application for HTML5 and Windows 8. In addition to Kobo's previous application capabilities, HTML5 and Windows 8 application users have: access to their complete libraries, including an Offline Mode so books can be read without an internet connection Bookmarking (both on and offline); the ability to make new purchases within the application; and, a new and improved interface.

HTML5 Application

"Appnovation focused on working very collaboratively with Kobo to create a joint team."

Laura Skosnik
Kobo, Product Owner
HTML5 Mobile App Development
Project Highlights
  • Built using the HTML5 Framework SproutCore
  • Enabled books to be read even when not online
  • Provided a new and improved interface
  • Allowed readers to make new purchases
  • HTML5
  • Sproutcore
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