Looker: Better Data Experiences for Insights-Driven Decision Making

Becoming more digitally agile with better business intelligence is what most businesses strive for.

But this remains a distant dream for most organizations if they’re not in tune with data and analytics, and the valuable insights they provide.

In this recording, Appnovation's Looker experts, and Skander Larbi from Looker, Google Cloud, demo examples of responsive embedded analytics use cases built with the Looker data platform.

Topics include: 

  • Tapping into the value of your data: delivering meaningful analysis that drives decisions
  • Speed and agility: producing valuable insights, faster
  • Monetizing data: create value for customers by building and offering products with embedded analytics


Learn more about how we work with Looker to help organizations unlock their full potential of data, drive value, and gain a better understanding of customer behavior. If you’re in need of quicker, more informed data-based decision making, get in touch today.


  • Gavin Estey, Technical Director, Appnovation 
  • Anton Morrison, VP, Experience Design, Appnovation 
  • Skander Larbi, Head of Solutions, Embedded Analytics, Looker, Google Cloud 
  • Saad Shahid, Associate, Product Management, Appnovation
  • Hemash Bhatti, Senior Manager, Data Strategy, Appnovation