Content that Connects

Content that Connects: Building an Empathic Content Strategy


The past year moved almost every aspect of our lives online. Working from home, visits with loved ones, education, even grocery shopping – are all done digitally.

While brands had to focus on adapting their online presence to this elevated need, many missed the opportunity to connect with their customers through empathic content.

In this recording, Gavin Estey, Andii Davis and Xania Khan from Appnovation, and Andrew Kumar from Contentful discuss creating synergy between content and technology in the digital-first era. Discover the tools your business can utilize right now to build a winning content strategy and boost business. 




  • Gavin Estey, Director of Technology, Appnovation
  • Andii Davis, Director of Strategy, Appnovation
  • Xania Khan, Director of Digital Marketing and Content, Appnovation
  • Andrew Kumar, Director of Platform Strategy, Contentful

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