The New World Is Customer-Centric: How To Close The CX Gap In 2020 And Beyond.

The customer experience gap is very real. The companies that can learn to respond to changes and close the gap the quickest will succeed, today and in the future. 

– Allison Humphries, VP Strategy, Americas

Customer experience was expected to dominate in 2020. And in the current global climate, the changes in customer behaviour is not only accelerated but also unprecedented. Are you ready to pivot your processes, people and strategies to adapt to your customers' expectations? If you're working on building response agility into your processes, we've got some insights that will help you get started.

Five key areas of discussion include ...

  • How the customer experience gap is costing you money and solutions to put in place.
  • The importance of effectively building a customer-centric internal culture.
  • Why focusing on value over perfection with your customers is important.
  • How to effectively unify experience with design systems.
  • Critical reasons why replacing assumptions with data will pay off in the long run.

About the Author

Allison Humphries, VP Strategy at Appnovation is a seasoned brand, marketing and digital strategist with over twenty years of experience creating innovative, business-building digital brand experiences. Along with her global agency expertise, Allison has partnered with many of the world’s leading brands. Allison leads a team of strategy and insight professionals, who partner with our clients to frame digital opportunities and deliver positive outcomes for both customers and the business.

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