Money Management Made Smart – Appnovation EMEA Hackathon

Bringing together smart management of money, time, inclusivity, and community.

Irrespective of how you identify and socio-economic conditions, every individual has the right to smart money management and control over how they contribute to supporting their local communities. With inclusivity, equal rights, and community in mind, our team presented the concepts to Common People and Unit during the Appnovation EMEA Hackathon.

Common People

Giving the convenience of digital shopping a local touch


In the last year, two things have become apparent:

  1. Shopping locally is vital to the health of our economy.
  2. Convenience is just as important as health and safety.

Amid social distance, the big question is how we save the highstreet? Common People could be the answer your looking for.


Common People is an aggregator platform that shines a spotlight on your local community and reduces the complexity of getting what you need when you need it, a platform that connects communities.

Produce and services are often unique to the community they serve. Common People combines all local shops, products, geofencing offers, services, and information relevant to your location by intuitively matching local products and services to a user’s location - all from one easy to use application. We celebrate digital convenience with on-demand delivery and guaranteed collection and advice slots within a local highstreet-based service. 

Imagine, while virtually queuing for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread, being proactively notified of the pharmacy open hours changing while discovering there’s a special offer at your favorite restaurant when you order in. Then, complete the payment transactions, update a place of interest, and take care of dinner prep with a beautiful and intuitive user experience. No need for multiple apps, account details, or walking in the wind and rain to find out the amenity you thought was opened is closed. Common People makes the mundane effortless, so you not only help yourselves but also help local communities thrive.


Manage money on your own terms


As financial technology becomes more sophisticated, certain groups are left behind with their fundamental needs unsupported with innovative new features. What constitutes a “normal household” is ever-evolving, and there’s a clear opportunity to tap into non-traditional units that have a desire to share financial goals and responsibilities. For example, the U.S. LGBTQ+ community represents a spending power of 1 trillion dollars, yet 20% of this community is unbanked or underbanked, and same-sex borrowers 73% more likely to be denied a mortgage. Financial literacy is also an issue, with 46-56% of 14 to 18-year-olds unsure of what is factored into a credit report or credit history, according to TransUnion.

We’re in a world where support bubbles are being mentioned daily due to the ongoing pandemic affecting our daily lives, but why not create a united bubble in a banking app where you see the results you want. As the world evolves, our systems should too. 


UNIT is a mobile app that radically transforms traditional banking models by being inclusive to all social groups and ages - not just your immediate family or partner. Our focus is on basic banking needs and supplying customers with financial expertise & support, never forgetting the people behind the account. It also takes users away from being a solo entity for their money, savings, and investments, bringing collaboration to the forefront of what they can do. 

Looking to pot money together for a group holiday or looking to buy a house with your mates? Don’t worry; your united bubble can help. UNIT is built to meet unique financial saving needs not traditionally considered in the sector, such as the cost of IVF cycles and adoption for same-sex couples. Be it housemates, partners, or just a group of friends in a financial entanglement - create a joint account in a few easy steps. Money should be a two-way conversation – and with UNIT, users get access to a network of financial coaches and a platform to receive guidance from an intelligent spending advisor.

Have an idea that supports your local community and smarter money management? Would you benefit from an Appnovation Hackathon? Get in touch.

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