Reimagining Customer Experiences – Appnovation EMEA Hackathon

We are how we feel. We are human.

Whether it is shopping or gifting, experience is everything. At a time when you can no longer plan shopping days with your friends or sneak in a quick stop before a big game and the holidays looked nothing like you’re used to, the craving for a feel-good experience is even higher. Reimagining experiences that can recreate physical experiences through digital is the ultimate goal. This was our teams' primary focus when they created the concepts for Trylly and White Elephant during the Appnovation EMEA Hackathon. 


Tomorrow’s fashion, delivered today.



Convenience comes with some amount of risk. Have you ever looked at the perfect top online, only to find out that the material or fit or something about it just isn’t right – after you’ve paid for it. And then, you have to deal with return and refund process. Nine out of ten times that isn’t convenient at all. In current times, with social distancing still the norm, online is the way to go. But how can you take advantage of the convenience digital delivers, support independent brands, and steer clear of fast fashion?


Trylly bridges that gap by providing retailers with the platform and consumers with a ‘try before you buy’ experience.

Trylly is the try-at-home delivery service that supports independent brands and is aimed at a broad market of fashion lovers who are always looking for the next new thing. Our digital platform allows shoppers to choose clothing from local retailers, have it delivered to their doorstep the same day, and the luxury of 24 hours to decide whether it’s just what they need. Like it? Keep it and be charged automatically. Not quite you? Request a return to be collected from your doorstep.

Trylly is tailored for you. You pick your preferred retailer and a delivery time that suits you. Without upfront payments, the wait period on refunds and more is eliminated entirely – giving you ultimate control over your money.

White Elephant

Bringing sustainability and spirit of charity together



Americans have spent $15.2 billion on unwanted gifts according to data in December 2019. Research by Gift Card & Voucher Association in December 2019 estimates that in the UK 119 million unwanted gifts of which only 14 million will be regifted. This means not only will your loved ones have been disappointed with one of the ten gifts they recieved, but approximately 100 million unwanted gifts will be hidden away or dumped in landfills in UK alone. 

What if you could not only give your loved ones the option to regift guilt-free but also contribute to the sustainability of the world?


Introducing White Elephant – a guilt-free gift exchange mobile app, turning unwanted gifts into treasured possessions. Upload unwanted gifts, browse other white elephants, agree to swap gifts, or make a donation. Nothing is resold and all proceeds from donations go to select charitable organizations, with the added advantage of making sustainable habits practical. The app makes money by partnering with like-minded brands to run advertising campaigns based on your search terms. 

Leave the guilt behind – find the right gift for you and do your part in making a better world for everyone. 

These are just two ideas. Would you like our teams to reimagine your industry? Get in touch.


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