Appnovator Spotlight: Janice Cheer

October 10
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Talent Acquisition Specialist

Meet Janice Cheer, Sales Enablement from Vancouver, BC.

1. Who are you? What's your story?
I’m a Chinese-Canadian who grew up in a small town called Squamish. After finishing high school, I moved out to Vancouver for school and obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. Since I was 15 years old and before I joined Appnovation, I had nine different jobs in various industries. In those jobs, I honed my skills, gained experience, and grew as an individual. Interestingly, my role here at Appnovation is my tenth job!

2. What's your role at Appnovation?
My role at Appnovation is sales enablement for the sales department. My main focus is to ensure the Sales team is fully equipped with the knowledge and tools to help their sales process go as smooth as possible and to manage the operation flow of our sales cycle. I consider myself as the “mom” on the team. I make sure the sales reps are fed properly with the right nutrients and remind them to complete their homework on time. Even though I work closely with the Sales team, I’m also the middle-man between Sales and all other departments such as Technology Enabled Services (TES) and Finance.

3. What's the greatest lesson you've learned in your professional career (or even personal life) that you would like to share with others?
The first thing I’ve learned is that everything happens for a reason. Based on the series of events that has happened in my life, I believe that timing is key. Timing does not limit you to one path or schedule, but it makes you realize how many other opportunities are out there that you have not yet tapped and that what you’re doing right now is just a another stepping stone.

Secondly: count your blessings. The friends that I have made throughout my career are not only people whom I enjoy socializing with. They also inspire and motivate me to keep pushing myself to grow and reach for my goals. “Slow and steady wins the race.” Some things you just can’t rush in life. You can work hard, but most importantly, it is to work smart.

4. What do you do outside of work?
I love to cook! I’m always looking for inspiration to make simple, clean, and delicious meals for my husband and I. I love to travel... especially when the travelling involves deeply discounted travel fare. I also like to go on hikes and play team sports whenever I can.

5. Where do you hope to take your career at this point/what's next for you in your professional career?
I’m not the type of person to have things set in stone; I like to follow a general guideline. I’m so grateful for the opportunity that Appnovation has given me and at this point, my main focus is to excel in my role and take on any challenges that come my way. I would like to work on projects that involve creativity from scratch, no matter what my profession is.

*BONUS* What are some fun/random facts about you that many may not know?
I use to paddle recreational/competitively on a dragon boat team for 5 years. I have medals to prove it!

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