The Key to CX Success is EX

The Key to CX Success is EX

The workplace has changed - between hybrid working models and the surge in remote work forces, the importance of invaluable employee experiences has never been more important.

It's been proven that there is a direct relationship between invaluable employee experiences and exceptional customer experiences. In fact, 'happy employees drive an 81% increase in customer satisfaction' (Forrester, 2014).

In this recording, Appnovation's Allison Humphries, VP, Strategy, and Anton Morrison, VP, Experience Design, explore:

  • The importance of empathy to understanding how your employees' total impression of their work motivates their workplace behaviors
  • How workplace culture becomes the ‘psychological contract’ that ensures a company’s purpose, ethos and values are aligned with employees’
  • How a positive EX breeds accountability in driving individual and collective successes



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