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Many companies use standard protocols such as FTP and SFTP to transfer files to external partners and receive files from external partners. Using FTP and SFTP provides a simple to use and low cost platform for file exchange.

In the past five decades, the tech sector has been considered a male-dominated industry. Prior to the invention of the modern desktop machine, computers were tasked with solving mathematical and technical problems.

Considering adopting Mule as an Enterprise Integration solution for your organization? Maybe you just introduced it in your organization. Here are 5 considerations to help you be successful moving forward.
A lot of people think open source is about cost, but I don’t believe this is the case at all. The key benefit of open source is speed to market and ease of maintenance via open standards.

We're pleased to introduce Appnovation’s second group of participants in the Technovation challenge, Team United Utopians.

Back in 2005, Ruby on Rails made an entrance into the web development world and kinda turned things upside down. Overnight, it seemed, everyone was writing good looking web apps fast.


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