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SSL Protocol is supported in both Java and Mule and there is nothing special to be done to make it work. You may run into some trouble with self signed certificates if they are not trusted in the CA on the client side JVM (which in our case the Mule server). Below is a hack to bypass this security check.
Drupal is used by nonprofits around the world because it provides a low-cost, flexible and scalable platform for any kind of organization.

DrupalCon is the heartbeat of the Drupal community, where important connections are made, improvements to the project happen, and cutting edge knowledge is shared.

Throughout the software development world there are many “evangelist” roles who sell the code to the community, but maybe we need the other side? Maybe we need to sell the community to the those who are just there for the code.

When you invoke a Web service synchronously, the invoking client application waits for the response to return before it can continue with its work. By calling a Web service asynchronously, the client can continue its processing, without interrupt, and will be notified when the asynchronous response is returned.
Drupal and user experience can sometimes be at odds. Content creation in Drupal has always been powerful, but not always intuitive.


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