Customer Experience (CX) Consulting

Appnovation’s CX consulting packages let you to focus on your clients, understand their needs, and deliver a superior experience.

User centred design and development should always go together in pursuit of delivering the ultimate online customer experience. Our CX consultants work with clients to understand their online customer base, which helps us work towards delivering the best customer experience.

Whatever industry you may be in, and whoever your client base may be, our portfolio of experience ensures that we can identify customer experience issues, and our customer experience consultants can offer solutions to your problems.

CX Consulting and Strategies

Design Thinking Workshops

When it comes to design thinking, there are core elements that need to be used as a guide for workshops. Gaining insights into your customers, or potential customer base, is about a human focus, thinking of potential courses of action to follow, and way to create and nurture preferred situations for your business.

Appnovation believes in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary teamwork approach, which can include different perspective, tackling all kinds of company issues, ensuring a range of ideas, and ultimately, workshops which go beyond discussion, and arrive at solutions. Using this divergent, yet focused thinking, the potential results are both greater and varied.

With any workshop, ideas are, or should be, the focus of the forum. Appnovation has experience in design thinking workshops across many industries, and we understand the necessity of the exploration of multiple ideas, allowing us to work within groups to  effectively develop potential solutions.

Appnovation can guide you through this process, which is based on a blend of emotion, cognitive factors, evaluation, and an overall holistic approach to design thinking workshops. Successful workshops can lead you to a successful digital strategy, and a superior customer experience for all your online visitors.

CX Evaluation

Customer Experience Evaluation

When it comes to customer experience, feedback and metrics are your barometer, and the data you collect is your guide. Appnovation will consult with you, to ensure that each of the following are defined, directed and optimised, enabling us to work together to find solutions to each challenge:

  • Major/most clearly defined customer experience metric
  • Customer experience driver
  • Journey Experience
  • Touchpoint experience
  • Experience Driver
  • Service Levels

Combining the results of each of these metrics will help identify business challenges and chart the path to a value-providing solution.

Measuring customer experience does not only provide valuable data, it can be used to add true value to your online business, including the ability to identify transactional touchpoints, consumer behaviours, and higher overall satisfaction.

Appnovation can help you close the loop between employees and customers, allowing feedback and data to impact and improve customer experience processes.

Smarter CX and Consulting with Appnovation

Behavioral insights & possibilities

Though no two customers may be the same, online consumers share buying trends and behavioural patterns. Whatever your target market may be, Appnovation will collaborate with your team, working with you to identify those markets, focus on your results, and chart a roadmap to your desired success.

With so many ways to connect with customers, from email to social media, online advertising and direct marketing, it is not always easy to know how best to connect, but Appnovation’s team knows all about solutions for this problem.

Here are just a few ways in which Appnovation’s customer experience consultants can help you understand your customers’ behaviour:

Customer Communication

Remember that your customers, their experience on your website, and opinion of your brand, should  drive your communication. Always take time to:

  • Talk to customers, especially those who may have an issue, or are not satisfied
  • Look for feedback, understand each customer demographic
  • Understand customer behaviour to help shape your communications
  • Don’t rely on focus groups, use individual data

Interaction Measurement

Not all users are predictable, not all customers are consistent in how they use your site. Tracking how users behave online, and understanding these patterns, can help you focus on both the design, functionality and usability that your customers are looking for.

From eye tracking to page progressions, heatmaps to page visit statistics. Appnovation’s team can work with you, and use this information, and ensure that it is the first step to delivering a great customer experience.

Data Analysis

Knowledge is power, and data is knowledge. With the right data analytics service, you can learn vast amounts about your customers, and their behavioural patterns. It is not about how many visits are made, it is about what those visits achieved, where they went, whether they delivered results for your business.

Appnovation wants to harness this informational power, and help you understand how your website visitors are looking for, and how you can use this to improve your customer experience delivery. Spotting the trends inside that data, identifying the patterns, ensuring that you are constantly aware of how people use your site, all of these elements matter, and each of them can enable you to create a digital solution for your customers.

Trends reporting

Knowing what customers want, when they want it, and how they go about online

Appnovation has teams who will collaborate with you and your brand, to track industry trends, and compile information to keep you ahead of the game.From industry-relevant topics, to critical consumer data, key themes to research statistics, our consulting services will get you the information you need.

Working with Appnovation
Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
Shopping quotes for your next Customer Experience project? Get a quote from us! Offering competitive rates for experienced, expert Digital Strategy professionals.
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Proven, Rapid & Trusted Delivery
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Expert Customer Experience Consultants
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Transparent, Collaborative, Communicative
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Ability to integrate systems and applications for better CX and reporting
Agile trained and certified experts
Assistance with defining your users, creating user personas and building customer journey maps
Atomic design and style guide to build out standards compliant accessible UI
Award winning customer experiences solutions
Collaborative and communicative approach with clients
Cross-functional team of 300+ experts based in North America, South American, Europe & Asia
Information architects to organize and structure your customer experiences
Inspired by strategy, insight, and data, Your user experience partner form idea to implementation
Rigorous testing and validation of ideas throughout the design and development process
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