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Appnovation was the right strategic choice for Visit California. The company’s creativity and innovation will allow us to continue to Dream Big through our digital marketing program, while sharing the California lifestyle through compelling content and an engaging online experience.

Caroline Beteta

President & CEO, Visit California

How we help

  • Our managed services support model is SLO-based and operates with a “follow the sun” mentality so that we are able to offer our clients 24/7/365 availability ensuring we are always there when you need us.

  • Proactively work to maintain our client’s environments so that every effort is made to head off emergencies from happening in the first place.

  • Offer a whole host of support and maintenance services that roll up under the following headers of support, remediation, retainer, onboarding and consulting.

  • Maintain a long term relationship with a partner that understands your business, infrastructure and roadmap.

  • Reduce risk through worry free solutions/environments as well as provide access to skilled resources to reduce the need for in-house staffing and expertise.

  • Deliver faster resolution through triage, prioritization and escalation process.

managed services, IT support

Possibility supported and maintained

Recognized as a world class managed services operation, currently providing 24x7 support and maintenance for some of the biggest brands on the planet, Appnovation places the highest of priorities on keeping our clients environments up and running. We offer a full suite of services designed specifically for supporting and maintaining organizations with even the most complex and integrated technology environments. We always keep the focus on the client, their customers and employees, making sure impact assessments are routinely performed and understood by our experts and the business.     

MS Subscription Offerings
The base full service subscription for growing businesses that needs support.
Our premier full service support and maintenance subscription for established enterprises.
Our advanced and fully customizable support offering for enterprise level entities with complex needs.
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Appnovation's Managed Services are ready to handle your business or organization's support and maintenance needs. When it comes to technology environments and the systems and application within, our experts have seen and worked with it all across a variety of situations representing every major industry vertical.

Having already achieved extremely high customer service ratings (just over 98% "excellent" (5/5) rating) from current clients, the is no reason not to take the first step by completing the form, emailing us direct at or reaching out to one of our many global office locations to find out what Appnovation MS can do for your enterprise.