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osCaddie Managed Services

Support & Maintenance for the Enterprise
  • Application Support
  • Maintenance of Environments
  • Security Patching
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • App Dev Support Business
  • Static Source Code Analysis
  • Code Review Analysis
  • Environment Backup & Restore
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Architecture Review
  • Capacity Planning
  • Service Management Review

Appnovation's osCaddie Managed Services (MS) offering provides world class support and maintenance services to enterprise level entities, catering specifically to those with complex and integrated technology environments.

The primary focus of Appnovation's osCaddie Managed Services (MS) is to ensure successful operational support for clients. Through collaboration with our customers, we have developed the osCaddie portal into a first class resource for streamlining the support process in a way that provides quick, efficient communication with stakeholders. Leveraging our extensive multi-industry expertise and exceptional internal resources, we are able to provide a top tier, fully responsive and customer-centric support experience. Appnovation's osCaddie MS offers four distinct levels of service and pricing for business, corporate and enterprise level customers
Technologies currently supported and maintained include: Drupal, WordPress, Alfresco, MuleSoft, HTML5, AngularJS, Ember.js, ReactJS & Node.js. Don't see your technology supported on this list? Contact us today. We are continually adding new technologies to support and maintain for clients and demand from our customers is a big influence on what we take on.

Managed Services Offerings

Application Support - Appnovation provides support via the osCaddie portal. Our customer success team members are available during Appnovation business hours to assist with any issues users may have. The success team has the ability to provide remote deskside support utilizing award-winning remote tools that allow staff to share screens with clients in order to rapidly diagnose and resolve emergent issues.

Maintenance of Environments -

  • Security Patching - Our Appnovation maintenance team ensures that all systems under management are patched, secured and aligned with current industry best practices for maintaining large scale production systems. 
  • Vulnerability Scanning - We provide a regular scanning service using best-of-breed tools to identify and isolate possible security vulnerabilities in subscription services.
  • Application Development Support Business - Drawing from the same resource pool as Appnovation Professional Services, Managed Services is able to provide development services for clients. This may be in the form of bug fixes or, in some cases, a method for assisting clients in the implementation of a continuous improvement/continuous delivery solutions.
  • Static Source Code Analysis - Appnovation can provide both automated and manual source code analysis to ensure that code is checked for errors (such as CRSF or SQL injection) before it enters a production environment, minimizing the risk of both downtime and possible exposure to potential compromise.
  • Code Review Analysis - Appnovation can act as a trusted third party to provide code audits and review. Drawing from our global pool of experts, many of whom are heavily involved in contributing to the products themselves, we are able to offer a world-leading review process.

Environment Backup & Restore - Appnovation offers an automated cloud-based backup and restore process to ensure the environments we support are backed up offsite providing complete peace of mind and allowing us to engage our multi-cloud disaster recovery process should it be required.

Disaster Recovery - Appnovation can provide disaster recovery services providing emergency hosting and support in the event that current service providers are unable to meet their obligations. Depending on the specific customer needs, we can commit to having a fully functional service restored with an alternate provider in as little as 30 minutes. 

Architecture Review & Capacity Planning - Ensuring all environments are kept inline with current best practices, this essential section of a Managed Services contract gives us the opportunity to continue the architectural discussion about the solutions and how it fits with the rapidly evolving business environment, both internal and external. 

Service Management Review - Appnovation assigns a dedicated Managed Services Subscription Manager (SM) to act as the overall point of contact for each client's MS account and related contracts. The SM is a resource focused entirely on client overall satisfaction and serves as an escalation point for issues and requests. In addition, the SM takes on the role of coordinating monthly meetings with clients to help oversee the smooth running of their MS account and contracts.

Managed Services Pricing Options

Joint Managed Services Package: Acquia & Appnovation

Joint Managed Services Package: MuleSoft & Appnovation



  • Four Subscription Pricing Options

    osCaddie Managed Services offers four different levels of service subscriptions. Corresponding pricing is designed to fit businesses of all sizes when it comes to support and maintenance. Check out the differences and decide what level of service your entity needs.

  • Proven Support Delivery

    Leveraging our extensive multi-industry expertise, experience across multiple open technologies and exceptional internal talent and resources, we have a long list of customers and distinguished record of service supporting companies and organizations alike.

  • Support & Maintenance Experts

    Not only are we the best ones to call when you need help, we also are there to proactively make sure those "help" calls are significantly diminished from ever happening in the first place. We are certified in a ton of technologies and have experience and expertise working with even more across a variety of situations and urgency levels.

  • Dedicated Lines of Communication

    We give you complete visibility from day one of your Managed Services engagement, provide a single point of contact and offer 24/7/365 access to both our osCaddie support portal AND an emergency support line staffed by a dedicated support team.

  • Customer Satisfaction Achieved

    The osCaddie portal offers a custom and rapid escalation process which allows users to instantly escalate a support case to our success management team. This feature has allowed us to achieve just over 98% "Excellent" (5/5) rating thus far from our support customers.

Brands That Trust Us & Why Customers Choose Appnovation’s osCaddie MS

  • Achieved just over 98% "excellent" (5/5) rating from current support customers
  • Annual subscription based pricing model for support and maintenance services
  • Clients can be hosted anywhere, internal or external
  • Dedicated customer support portal with 24/7/365 access
  • Emergency support capabilities 24/7/365 with dedicated expert staff
  • Full suite of support and maintenance services offerings
  • Multi-disciplinary team of experts certified & experienced in a plethora of techs
  • Proven track record of successfully providing support and maintenance
  • Single point of contact for continued operational support and maintenance

Appnovation's osCaddie Managed Services are ready to handle your business or organization's support and maintenance needs. When it comes to technology environments and the systems and application within, our experts have seen and worked with it all across a variety of situations representing every major industry vertical.  Having already achieved extremely high customer service ratings from current clients, there is no reason not to take the first step and contact us today to see what osCaddie MS can do for your entity.

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