Enhancing the data experience to uncover insights faster
Enhancing the data experience to uncover insights faster.

Our client is one of the largest travel technology companies in the world, operating the largest global distribution system. The Hospitality division powers over 40% of the world’s leading hotel brands, with approximately 75% of their clients’ reservations passing through their booking infrastructure. Their hospitality clients need to be able to quickly and accurately predict room pricing, plan for promotions and coordinate multiple hotel chains every hour, but their platform wasn’t able to keep up with customers' demand for better data and insights. Considerations like data reliability, security adherence and scalability of its data product needed to be considered, alongside a UX update to address accessibility standards.


Our client and Google chose Appnovation to be their trusted partner in this project.

Appnovation will leverage GCP’s BigQuery and Looker to deliver a data product and platform that provides an enhanced data experience, including providing their customers with high value insights to improve their own businesses. We will also be enabling the product to support data monetization at premium pricing, which will be a first-of-its-kind in our client’s organization.

This is an ongoing project.

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