Building a Command Centre with a modern data experience.

GroupBy is a technology company that helped pioneer innovative cloud-based tools designed to enhance search relevancy, recommendations, merchandising, content management, SEO and data analytics. Though the company was seeing success with their platform, Command Centre, they were lacking in visual design and needed a UX overhaul.


Appnovation’s design team Interviewed GroupBy employees that were familiar with the tool and have had close contact with customers to find major pain points. Most of the issues mentioned during our interview centred around the visuals and some best usability practices. Working alongside Groupby and Google Cloud, we embarked on a full UX redesign and development of the GroupBy Command Center application to provide a more modern data experience to their customers and partners.


As a result of the work Appnovation did alongside Google Cloud, we were able to transform GroupBy’s Command Centre Platform to be more efficient with a task-oriented focus to ease transitions between workspaces. The Command Centre’s UX design was also shifted to be more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing, improving overall user experience.

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