Beyond BI with Looker

In today’s world, organizations are struggling to use the data they collect to really improve the business: they’re surrounded by data, but starving for insight.

Successful reporting and visualizations are the results of a collaborative data driven effort across UX Design, Strategy, and Engineering. At Appnovation we use an agile Design Thinking methodology that drives our teams to create insightful experiences from customers data. 

In this session recording, Anton Morrison, VP, Experience Design, and Gavin Estey, Technical Director at Appnovation, discuss unlocking data and insights, human-centric data visualization, and delivering insights where and when users need them - ultimately getting from ideas to answers in less time.

Discover the key takeaways when building your next data application, embedding analytics into all areas of your organization to capture real value and drive better business outcomes. 


Learn more about how we work with Looker to help organizations unlock their full potential of data, decrease unnecessary expenditures, and gain a better understanding of customer behavior. If you’re in need of quicker, more informed data-based decision making, get in touch today.