Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Intelligent marketing helps build relationships.

Get the Most out of Your Marketing Automation, Marketing Analytics and Digital Marketing Services

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the world’s #1 marketing platform that makes it easy for its users to get to know their audience through personalized communication and engagement at every step of the customer journey.

Intelligent Marketing Helps Build Relationships

Simply put, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing strategy enabler. Its messaging engine is used by some of the world's most popular brands to communicate with their customers and engage them in relevant, timely and personalized experiences. Its world-class marketing automation and marketing analytics capabilities allow you to do more with less, and continually improve your campaigns based on the data available.

Know Your Consumer (KYC)

76% of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations and really know them. So what does knowing your consumer really mean? It starts with building a consolidated data set on your customers by combining their data across various sources (online and offline) and devices (laptops, smartphones, wearables, tablets, etc.). Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s robust data-driven engine lets you consolidate consumer data in a compliant and trusted way. This data can then be activated to not only communicate with existing consumers but also discover and reach new audience segments.

Personalize Communications and Customer Interactions

Personalization is what brings consumer data to life; it’s how companies communicate that they understand consumers and their needs and address them accordingly. Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities (called “Salesforce Einstein”). This AI technology lets you personalize your customer communication with intelligence. 

Engage Throughout the Customer Journey 

Your brand can easily move beyond sending out static, one-way communication which really harnesses the power of data and Einstein to dynamically deliver personalized, two-way communications across any touchpoint in the customer journey.

Overview of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Platform 

This suite of products comes with multiple tools that are designed to work together to build, personalize and automate amazing customer experiences across email, push notifications, SMS, social ads, and landing pages.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features (Studios/Builders)

Together, all these tools help marketers know their customers, personalize communications and engage with them across their journey. We will dive deeper into each of Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Studios and Builders in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!

Key Facts

  • Used by 6K of the largest B2C companies globally, with annual revenues between $10M - 50M.

  • Top ESP among mid-sized and large businesses.

  • 43% increase in marketing ROI via Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Popular with retail, financial services, education, non-profit, healthcare, travel and entertainment companies.

  • Significant cost and time benefits for marketing teams (due to automation).


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Image


Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Right for My Business? 

If you want to engage with future customers, build relationships with existing customers, automate and personalize multi-channel communications and grow your ROI, the answer is an easy yes! Salesforce Marketing Cloud has several options for businesses, depending on their size and requirements.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with our certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts today. We will work with you to better understand your needs and devise solutions suitable for your business. Then follow Appnovation on LinkedIn.




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