Appnovation can help you personalize and effectively target your content to powerfully connect and engage with your customers.

When it comes to digital content, one size most certainly does not fit all. The days of wholly generic online copy is over, as the expectation and need for personalized content continues to dominate the digital landscape. Content is king so ensuring that your content is both targeted and successful has never mattered more.

Targeting your content is a powerful and effective way to connect and engage with your customers, enabling you to tailor-make content that speaks to them on a personal and empathetic level. Appnovation has not only adopted the idea of content personalisation for our own content, we are also committed to helping our clients understand the need for it, and showing them how to deliver.

Our experts utilize customer data, and harness this knowledge to help craft and create relevant content based on the interests, motivations, and requirements of website visitors. Whether it is a targeted, rotating landing page based on geography, a precise call to action, or industry specific content modifications, we pride ourselves in creating bespoke content personalization solutions.

Data Intelligence & User Context

Making use of customer information is all about context. Focusing on the end-user, and basing their needs on all relevant feedback and data is a sure fire way to improve the quality of customer interaction, in both communication, as well as UX terms. Data intelligence allows you to provide a sophisticated digital marketing content, which are both situationally astute as well as functionally aware.

Appnovations’s research and UX teams know all about one to one marketing strategies, the best methods of gaining customer data, and how leverage this to develop individualised messaging to current or prospective customers.

Our digital content experts utilize targeted content strategies to help deliver content that is specific to your company, your branding, and your precise business needs.

Using a well researched and expertly executed content targeting strategy can deliver tangible results for your enterprise, as you identify different customers, their preferences, their online needs and requirements of their overall customer journey experience.

Content Performance and Targeting

Customer feedback is an invaluable source of information in the pursuit of successful content targeting campaigns. Knowing who your customers are, how they think, what they look for in a customer journey experience, what their motivations are, and how they act online, all elements that can shape your content creation, and determine its performance.

Research is key, and our team will ask the telling questions, to get the most valuable data, including:

  • How much feedback do you get from your customers?
  • What are your competitors doing in content personalisation campaigns?
  • Where challenges do customers see within your buying process, is it content related?

Using answers to these, and many other questions, we can help you deliver bespoke, targeted content, with tips including:

  • Segmented emails with targeted, personalized content
  • Use of recipients names within emails
  • Sending emails directly from you, rather than an auto-reply
  • Delivering content specific to each marketing persona targeted
  • Create bespoke landing pages for each persona/demographic
  • Use central and targeted LinkedIn company pages
  • Employ social media platforms and reply to customers via them
  • Incorporate all customer data to create customised sales follow up content
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Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
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Proven, Rapid & Trusted Delivery
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Appnovation’s Content and Personalization experts can help companies use personalization technology to optimize the customer journey with the right content at the right time
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Transparent, Collaborative, Communicative
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Ability to customize landing pages for each persona/demographic
Brand positioning, identity, style guide & consultation expertise
Collaborative, client-focused approach on engagements
Cross-functional team of 300+ experts based in North America, South America, Europe & Asia
Expertly executed research and content targeting strategy to deliver fast results
Front-end experts, business analysts UX/UI specialists and creative designers on staff
Initial QA, feedback revisions and final files available
Leadership, digital excellence, and program engagement background
Ongoing production scheduling and reporting
SEO implementation and optimization, accessibility guidance and COPPA Compliance
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