Five Qualities to Look For in Your Managed Services Provider

Finding a managed services provider (MSP) that’s right for your brand – both now and in the future – is no easy task. 

The new standard is a performance-based approach, and an MSP that understands the modern expectations of your business as well as your customers. 

Ensuring you have the same goals and can form a true partnership is one of our five qualities to look for in your MSP.

Learn more in the video below.


This vlog is part four of a four-part video series on the new role of managed services providers.



Finding the right partner is never easy, especially when the world's changing so fast. How do you find a team who's going to be right for you today, and in the future?

Here's our guide to the five things you should look for in a digital partner. 

Seek out specialists. Remember, you don't have to use just one provider for everything. Some might have greater infrastructure and data storage, but another might be up to speed on the latest digital platforms – and that's okay. Look for teams that specialize in the projects ahead of you. 

Don't compromise agility for experience. Until a couple of years ago, finding an experienced, secure partner meant committing to set in stone processes and slow reaction times. But today's organizations were born in an ever changing digital environment. Look for an agile, flexible approach and a team with the experience you need. 

You deserve the A team. Sometimes the team that impressed you in the pitch is quickly swapped out for less experienced people as the project goes on. Consistency on the details and the bigger picture is essential to keep you on course from requirements, to delivery. Find a partner that believes in this like you do. 

It's never too late. Your amazing new platform is ready to go, but what happens when the market changes at the last minute? No one has a crystal ball, but the right partner will be able to respond fast and make sure you're never painted into a corner or miss an opportunity. 

Remember, you are important. Are you as important to your partner as they are to you? Some partners are so big, they lose the personal touch. Others might use you to test out a new business area. Check they're experienced in your field and check their client roster to see where you fit in, so you're sure you have the same goals and a true partnership.

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