As Atlassian experts, and with a portfolio of successful projects both completed and ongoing, the Appnovation team is often asked about the technical side of the Atlassian software products, as well as the potential business benefits that could convince a client that this is the software that offers the most advantagious options. It is not difficult to highlight these, but for the sake of anyone asking those very questions, I thought I would give an overview, if not a fully exhaustive run down of the technical and business specs in question...


With a product such as Atlassian, it is axiomatic that there are a multitude of potential technical discussions and explanations that we could go into.

With a variety of products and software, Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket, etc., Atlassian are clearly aware that their offerings should be, and are, designed for ease of use.

The user experience, as seamless as it may be, however, does not mean that they are not technically complicated in terms of development.Rather than going too in-depth, or risking a profusion of jargon which is unlikely to keep your attention, here are the high-level elements we have both mentioned earlier, and alluded in the executive summary:

  • Software development in Bitbucket
  • Project Management
  • Help-desk management
  • In-built reporting and metrics
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Collaborative tools – Confluence, HipChat
  • Version control  

With so many technically desirable elements, all it leaves is for me to give a run down of the business benefits that could be afforded to those who opt for any of the Atlassian products and services...


With every open source product, or every technology service, there needs to be tangible, sound reasons as to why (or how) businesses would benefit from using that particular service or technology.

As well as the overall quality of the user experience delivered by Atlassian products, the integration potential and reporting tools offer genuine opportunities for businesses.

To give a little more substance to these claims, here are some of the business benefits that Atlassian can offer:

  • Cost effective
  • One-time set-up
  • Easy to use
  • Incredibly intuitive
  • Plethora of products and add-on integrations
  • One installation can be used for different purposes across different departments
  • Easy to pick and choose from the range of offerings (to ‘tailor-make’ according to business needs)
  • Reporting Tools: Offers great visibility to management and executives (which helps create targets)
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Many tasks that are done manually can be controlled automatically


It is clear that Atlassian is an innovative company, with services and products that have cross-industry appeal, offering superior user experiences, and a multitude of user and business benefits, something Appnovation always outline to clients looking for a digital solution. 

Here’s a recap of the more salient points discussed in this document, a reminder, if you will, of Atlassian’s strengths as a development and collaboration software company, and the benefits of their product range:

  • Customers ‘can try before they buy’ (always nice…)
  • Easy to use and very powerful: Helping manage teams, project, software code, IT support
  • Reporting and metrics provides powerful insights into productivity and efficiency
  • Increasing numbers of tech companies use Atlassian, adding industry cachet
  • Wide range of offerings provides cross-industry appeal/potential
  • Reasonable price plans  
  • Free documentation and online support

So, what's not to love with Atlassian, as I can't think of anything right now...stay tuned, as we'll have many more Atlassian blogs heading your way in the coming weeks, as our experts delve deeper into software solutions and development. 

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