If your organization is looking to enhance its collaboration tools, upgrade productivity potential and/or introduce a digital solution for content sharing and creation, Appnovation’s Confluence software and services team can get you there.

Appnovation is an Atlassian Gold Solutions partner and certified software reseller. We have a team of certified and experienced Confluence professionals on staff who can, and have, helped enterprise level entities with wide range of services related to Confluence and other Atlassian Products including strategy, implementations, integrations, customization, migrations, support and maintenance.

When it comes to document collaboration there is no better product on the market than Confluence and when it comes to providing strategy, development and support for Confluence, there is no better firm to turn to than Appnovation. Together we can deliver a digital document collaboration solution tailored to your organization’s specific IT and business needs.

Confluence & Atlassian Software Resellers

As certified Confluence and Atlassian Software resellers, we can guide you to the software and collaboration tools that make the most sense for your information ecosystem.

Appnovation is a certified Atlassian Gold Solutions Partner and software reseller, so our Confluence experts are well positioned to create tailor-made content collaboration solutions.

We resell the following Atlassian, Confluence & Jira products:   

Collaborate and Chat

  • Confluence (Document collaboration)
  • Trello Collaborate (Visually on any project)
  • Hipchat (Team chat, video, file sharing)

Plan, Track and Support

  • Jira Software (Project and issue tracking)
  • Jira Service Desk (IT service desk and customer service)
  • Jira Core (Essential business management)
  • Status Page (Incident communication)

Code, Ship and Build

  • Bitbucket (Git code management)
  • SourceTree (Git and Mercurial desktop client)
  • Bamboo (Integration and release management)

As a an official reseller of Atlassian software and software licenses, Appnovation can ensure that you get what you need when it comes to product selection and enjoy all the benefits the Atlassian toolset has to offer your business.

When you buy an Atlassian license, you can also enjoy software maintenance packages and support, with our Atlassian experts here to help you with:

  • Bug fixes
  • Security patches
  • New features & enhancements
  • 24x7 Atlassian support and maintenance availability
  • Developer license keys (test upgrades before purchase)
Confluence Services

Appnovation offers its full complement of Confluence services. When it comes to Confluence development, our experts will design and deliver a digital collaboration solution, giving you seamless control of:

  • Content Creation, from meeting notes to project plans and more
  • Dynamic content sharing and multimedia collaborations
  • Development & Customization of all Confluence add-ons
  • Page and File Commenting Capabilities
  • Creating multiple departmental work sharing repositories
  • Connecting to Jira for for quick issues and reports creation in Confluence

We also offer expert:

  • Collaboration & Agile Adoption Assistance
  • Confluence Strategy
  • Confluence Migrations & Upgrades
  • Confluence Implementations
  • Confluence Integrations
  • 24x7 Support & Maintenance for Confluence tools

Appnovation has a team of experts, ready to guide you through the full range of our Confluence development services and support options

Confluence Strategy & Development

We look at Confluence strategy and consulting in two ways. First from a technical perspective on how best Confluence can, and will in the future, fit optimally into your enterprise's IT stack. Secondly we look to help organizations get the most out of Confluence tool so that its fully adopted and leveraged, producing maximum collaboration between your teams of people.

IT Optimization

From an IT perspective, Appnovation provide a full array of technical assistance to ensure that your enterprise is not only successfully up and running on the latest version of confluence, but that it is perfectly optimized within your IT environment for right now as well as into the future. Working with you to understand and plan the appropriate strategy that would identify the best, quickest and most secure way to implement, integration, customize migrate and/or upgrade Confluence. All of which take into account both current and future needs of your technology stack as well as how that stack extends to the business. All in all, Appnovation can provide the technical strategic direction for the technical adoption of the Confluence toolset ensuring it has the functionality and features you want, while also achieving the performance and security you need.   

Leverage Collaboration

When it comes to collaboration tools, and creating a strategy that will streamline everything from document management to secure granular permissions, Confluence is hard to beat.

Appnovation’s Confluence consultants and strategy team are equipped to transform your content sharing capabilities, and enhance your overall digital landscape. With the implementation of features such as document management, permissions, page and file versioning and multiple add on options, we will streamline the efficiency of your business operations.

From improving your ability to create, share and collaborate with your project team, to helping your team organize, publishing and access content in a more streamlined way, Appnovation’s expert Confluence consultants will deliver a tailor-made solution, and a collaboration solution to cover what you need.

24x7 Confluence Support & Maintenance

24/7/365 Confluence Support

Our global Managed Services team is staffed around the clock with some best technology and Atlassian experts on the planet. Providing support via the osCaddie portal, our customer success team can deliver remote deskside support utilizing award winning remote tools that allow staff to share screens with clients in order to rapidly diagnose and resolve emergent issues.

Disaster Recovery

Appnovation can provide disaster recovery services inclusive of providing emergency hosting and support in the event that current service providers are unable to meet their obligations. Depending on the specific customer needs, we can commit to having a fully functional service restored with an alternate provider in as little as 30 minutes.

Environment Backup & Restore

Appnovation offers an automated cloud-based backup and restore process to ensure the environments we support are backed up offsite providing complete peace of mind and allowing us to engage our multi-cloud disaster recovery process should it be required.

Maintenance of Environments

  • Security Patching - Our Appnovation maintenance team ensures that all systems under management are patched, secured and aligned with current industry best practices for maintaining large scale production systems.

  • Vulnerability Scanning - We provide a regular scanning service using best-of-breed tools to identify and isolate possible security vulnerabilities in subscription services.

  • Application Development Support Business - Drawing from the same resource pool as Appnovation Professional Services, Managed Services is able to provide development services for clients. This may be in the form of bug fixes or, in some cases, a method for assisting clients in the implementation of a continuous improvement/continuous delivery solutions.

  • Static Source Code Analysis - Appnovation can provide both automated and manual source code analysis to ensure that code is checked for errors (such as CRSF or SQL injection) before it enters a production environment, minimizing the risk of both downtime and possible exposure to potential compromise.

  • Code Review Analysis - Appnovation can act as a trusted third party to provide code audits and review. Drawing from our global pool of experts, many of whom are heavily involved in contributing to the products themselves, we are able to offer a world-leading review process.

Architecture Review & Capacity Planning

Ensuring all environments are kept inline with current best practices, this essential section of a Managed Services contract gives us the opportunity to continue the architectural discussion about the solutions and how it fits with the rapidly evolving business environment, both internal and external.

Service Management Review

Appnovation assigns a dedicated Managed Services Subscription Manager (SM) to act as the overall point of contact for each client's MS account and related contracts. The SM is a resource focused entirely on client overall satisfaction and serves as an escalation point for issues and requests. In addition, the SM takes on the role of coordinating monthly meetings with clients to help oversee the smooth running of their MS account and contracts.

Working with Appnovation
Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
Competitive Rates & Aggressive Quotes
Looking to buy Confluence licenses? Need certified expert help with a Confluence project? Appnovation has some of the most competitive rates in the market and is known for its aggressive quotes on software and projects.
Proven Delivery Methods
Proven, Rapid & Trusted Delivery
Using agile methodology on our client projects and always keeping you, the customer, in the loop every step of the way, Appnovation’s Confluence project delivery will fit both your timeline and budget.
Services and Software
Confluence Software Reseller & Services Provider
Appnovation is an Atlassian Gold Solutions Partner, software reseller with certified and experienced developers on staff. Whatever the need when it comes to Atlassian products, we have you covered.
Transparent, Collaborative, & Communicative
Transparent, Collaborative, & Communicative
Complete project visibility from day one, working with you, and for you. Using a variety of mediums such as email, phone, chat, and project management tools for clear, constant communication.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction, the #1 Priority
Our clients are happy, thanks to dedicated account and project managers, consistent delivery teams and open communication lines. We survey our customers, the results of which go directly to our CEO.
Why Appnovation for Confluence Services and Software
Ability to promote and develop Agile & Collaborative principles
Atlassian Gold Solutions Partner
Agile & collaborative methodology employed for developing solutions
Authorized Confluence & Atlassian software products reseller
Available 24x7 Confluence support & maintenance by certified experts
Competitive rates for certified Confluence and Atlassian experts
Cross-functional team of 250+ experts based in North America, Europe & Asia
Plethora of Confluence integration delivery options available
Proven track record of successful Confluence project delivery
Strategic minded, digitally savvy, certified Confluence developers on staff
Thorough quality assurance (QA) testing before “Go Live” events
Brands that Trust Us
Jira & Confluence Systems Upgrade
AXA Asia
AXA is, without doubt, a giant in the insurance, investment and financial services industry, with offices around the globe, and a company that is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock ...
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