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Appnovation’s UX research methods can deliver a workable digital solution, designed to compliment your existing platform and meet your goals.

UX (user experience) research describes the thorough and  systematic investigation of users, their requirements and online objectives, with a view to adding context and insight into the process of designing the best user experience.

Appnovation’s user experience research experts focus on understanding your users’ behaviors, their requirements, their online needs, and their overall motivations. Using finely tuned observational techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies, we will get to the epicentre of your user experience ecosystem, and identify ways to deliver an improved UX.

Whether it is the impact your design has on your audience, the usability that you deliver, or the end to end experience, our deep knowledge of UX research methods will enable us to offer you a workable digital solution, designed to compliment your existing platform and meet your goals.

Appnovation: Your UX Research Consultants

UX Audit

User audits are a great way to identify areas of your website that need attention, improvement or even a complete overhaul. It is also valuable in terms of letting you know what works, and what doesn’t, in terms of delivering the user experience that your customers want.

As you would expect, UX audits use empirical methodology to determine heuristics based solutions for user-centric improvements.

Our extensive UX Audit service will:

  • Review  business and user objectives
  • Analyse Conversion metrics
  • Research and detail customer care data
  • Analyse all sales data
  • Identify traffic/engagement stats
  • Research your UX standards (compliance)
  • Utilize Usability heuristics
  • Discuss UX Best Practices (existing and necessary)

With a full team of UX experts, UX consultants, Appnovation is experienced when it comes to delivering thorough, in-depth, and digital solution driven UX audits. From delivering user-centric recommendations, to conversion boosting improvements, goal-achieving digital solutions are our stock in trade.



Creating an Experience that Delivers

Usability Testing

With consumer driven web experiences becoming the norm, ensuring that your online business creates an experience that delivers is a necessity, not a luxury. Usability testing is a great way to ascertain how your website is performing, from design to development, based on the feedback of representative user groups.

Seeing, and understanding how users travel around your site, how they interact with the user interface, what they are looking for in terms of online experiences, and ultimately, how, or if they are able to achieve their ultimate goal, be it subscribing, purchasing, or researching your products or services.

Here are just a few of the questions are usability testing experts will put forward:

  • Are tasks completed swiftly and seamlessly?
  • Is there journey on your website intuitive?
  • Do users get confused with navigation, leading to site or cart abandonment?
  • How do users usually interact with your website?
  • How do users browse websites in your industry?
  • How do users tend to interact with your search results page?
  • Do your current stats reflect user expectations based on past experience?
  • Are users getting what, and to where they expect when they click links/ buttons?
  • Are product images seen as critical by users considering online purchases?
  • What the most common user questions before they commit to buy or proceed?
  • What features do users expect (rather than hope for) on websites?
  • What assumptions do users make when browsing your website?
  • What elements could we introduce which would provide a more persuasive experience for users?

Though there are many more questions in our usability testing packages, these give you an idea as to how deep our research is, and how important an in-depth knowledge of your user experiences and journeys are.

When we identify usability issues at a prototype stage, it can be both time and money saving for your business, ensuring that design, development and delivery is fine tuned before release, avoiding potentially expensive and time consuming revisions and rewrites.



UX: From Acquisition to Retention

A user journey is all about the user’s experience while using your website, your app, of any of your online platforms,  incorporating the series of actions performed to achieve a particular goal.

Appnovation’s UX teams are experienced with, and dedicated to collaborating with clients, understanding their customer base, and ultimately delivering truly memorable user journeys.

Elements that we consider critical to these digital user journey experiences include:

Intuitive Design

Delivering an effortless understanding of the architecture and navigation of your website

Ease of Learning

Identifying and understanding how fast new users understand and learn to use your site interface to accomplish their desired achievements.


User Efficiency

Showing how quickly experienced (return)users accomplish online tasks


Identifying how much users remember (after their site visit is completed) and how that helps them be more efficient on their return visit

Error Frequency/Severity

Important to identify how many user errors are made, what those errors are, and whether they lead to site abandonment, or are easily rectified

Subjective Satisfaction

Establishing how much users enjoy using the system, and their overall UX experience.

Additionally, our user journey expertise allows us to create test scenarios designed to encourage users to show us their normal site usage, which in turn provides more accurate representations of their user journey requirements.

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