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In this whitepaper, you will read about Atlassian's agile development and collaboration tools, the leading enterprise solution for software development, content and project management. Atlassian's versatile and diverse toolkit fosters true collaboration, enabling every team to stay connected and its members focused on what they do best. 

You will get a high level view of the Atlassian stack, including a competitive review, technical specification summary and business benefits overview. You will walk away with the basic knowledge you need as you think about your own business goals and strategy. 

About Appnovation

Appnovation is Atlassian's global Gold Solutions Partner with a proven track record of delivering Atlassian solutions to increase productivity, improve communication and bring about digital/agile change for a global list of clients. For our exceptional work in Hong Kong, Appnovation HK was honored with the Atlassian Partner of the Year 2018: Rising Star Award.

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