Salesforce SAP Integration

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Effective data synchronization with other systems and ready access to accurate, up-to-date data are key success factors for Salesforce applications. MuleSoft can be used to create a successful integration between Salesforce and SAP. MuleSoft facilitates connections between heterogeneous applications seamlessly. In this case, providing Salesforce and SAP a unified view of customers’ data, as well as simplified, automated business processes across the two applications.
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Key Benefits of the Salesforce SAP Integration

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System with the ability to empower Software as a Service (SaaS) application development. SAP is the world’s most popular resource planning system, particularly for business functions such as invoicing, financial reporting, and performance measurement. The integration of Salesforce and SAP via MuleSoft allows inter-system data sharing in a timely and effective way.

    The main advantages of the integration between Salesforce and SAP include:

    • Real-time data synchronization between the two systems
    • Automatic data add and update in both systems
    • Improved operations costs by reducing the need for manual data entry
    • Improved efficiency by eliminating errors
    • Improved, more accurate business processes
    • Ready data availability and rapid data access
    Integration Details

    The Salesforce-SAP Integration needs and challenges include:

    • A more reliable alternative to the traditional point-to-point data integration was needed, allowing a more flexible integration architecture. An architecture that is scalable and makes feature integrations painless and keeps costs reasonable.
    • A well-defined approach was needed, to mitigate the integration complexity stemming from the technological differences between SAP's on-premise solutions and Salesforce's cloud solutions.
    • Integrations solutions using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) stacks offered by some vendors included high costs and extensive associated development effort.

    Mulesoft is the right solution to meet these challenges because:

    • Mule ESB allows real time data synchronization between systems transparently and instantaneously. As soon as a change occurs in one system, it is updated in the other.
    • Mule ESB provides an SAP enterprise connector supporting bi-directional communication and that works with existing SAP technologies such as Java Connector (Jco), Intermediate Documents (IDocs) and Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs).
    • Mule Cloudhub allows hybrid application deployments by combining on-premise SAP applications and Salesforce cloud applications.
    • MuleSoft's Anypoint platform offers both Mule ESB and Mule CloudHub facilitating integration between Salesforce and SAP. It can provide a single customer view across the two systems, which is crucial for sales teams analyzing customer data, behaviors and common purchases. Thus providing a better insight to target new customers and new business opportunities.
    • MuleSoft Anypoint offers the DataMapper graphical interface tool for data mapping and transformation, facilitating ease of integration. Additionally, other components such as enterprise security are available, to protect businesses from unauthorized access.
    • Data can be shared between the two systems, such as Salesforce Account and SAP Customer fields. Mule ESB is able to facilitate the data transfer, and moreover to manage session handling, data mapping, routing, errors logging, authentication and notification. 
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    Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
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