Rapid prototyping for UX represents an iterative approach to the development of the UX or UI of websites and software applications. Appnovation’s rapid process allows a fast approach to creating a prototype

Rapid prototyping for UX represents an iterative approach to the development of the UX or UI of websites and/or software applications. Rapid prototyping involves the swift and seamless creation of system mock-ups before it is built in production. Ultimately, this method allows the UX or UI to be tested and validated by potential end users, as well as other stakeholders, before it proceeds to full-scale production.

Rapid prototyping puts a real emphasis on quickly iterating designs, allowing all development to proceed more swiftly, as well as more efficiently, saving both time and money.. Traditional methods of software development have often required very rigorous specifications, where rapid prototyping looks to use the knowledge gained during the design and development phase to adjust the software.

Interactive prototypes essentially present the user journeys that are very close to the envisaged website when it’s finished. The use of certain prototyping tools e.g. Invision allows re-create the actual user experience and to test navigation and user behaviour on the new site on different viewports. The use of real content in the prototype always proves to be an advantage to foster a more realistic user experience testing. 

Appnovation's Rapid Prototyping Services

Prototyping for UX is used in addition to the process of creating design specifications. In some cases, it may completely replace the specification process. User interfaces are well-suited to rapid prototyping due to the fact that they are  primarily driven by user requirements.

Appnovation’s rapid prototyping services allows a fast approach to creating a prototype of a new site or app, or even an incremental version for an existing one in need of an update.

Our team start the process by creating a quick prototype mock-up, something which will act as the launch pad for the more elaborate and involved version, as details progress. Our collaborative approach ensures that we share and review, using this initial prototype as a way to gain critical client feedback at the early stages of the process.

When we get to the prototype revision stage, we once again work closely with our clients, allowing for necessary changes to be made before they are committed to. The feedback received at this stage is designed to determine what revisions are necessary, so that iterations can be real-time, or at least done swiftly.

Rapid Prototyping Requirements Planning

We use our planning phase to select the right people for your project, including UX designers, expert developers, senior business analysts, and project managers. This time is also important to establish a firm consensus on stakeholders’ business requirements and project scope preferences.

The early planning process for rapid prototyping should always include questions to determine what needs to be prototyped, in terms of the interface and user experience.

With this done, our teams look to create stories designed to reflect and describe how , and when users will be working with your app, and what the ultimate goals and needs of these users are.

Starting with the creation of low fidelity prototypes, we do not get ahead of ourselves, leaving the content and design issues until the next stage. Our team has the experience to know that the initial focus needs to be on usability and user flow. As our prototypes become more refined and clear, we will discuss how to proceed in terms of UX testing tools.

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Competitive Rates & Project Quotes

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Appnovation’s rapid prototyping services allows a fast approach to creating a prototype of a new site or app, or even an incremental version for an existing one in need of an update.
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