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Migrating web site from Plumtree to the Drupal Platform

By jwhang
Aug. 13, 2009

We have recently completed a Drupal 6 project that involved transferring an existing site to the Drupal platform. Introducing, Bushmeat.org. This site is operated by the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force (BCTF), an affiliate of Conservation International and was built using components from the Plumtree system. BCTF wanted to upgrade the look and feel of the site while keeping the navigation and content the same to help accommodate current users. The main challenge this type of project faced was content material. Where and how to get text, images and downloadable files, from one site to the next was a struggle. The current architecture stored files in multiple folders but only certain content could be downloaded / exported to CSV type document. This meant that any content that was not downloadable had to be re-created manually on the new site. We made use of the Wysiswg module and fckeditor to create standard page nodes. CCK took care of four custom content types that we needed. The current site is clearly outdated and the content was cluttered from years of updating. Thus, the reason why there are multiple benefits for creating a site in Drupal. Benefits of a Drupal Site:

1. Clear definition/segregation of the different types of content. For example: page, comments, story, article etc.

2. Maintainability of informational site, even for non-technical users. This is achieved by using the User Interface to create/update pages, less maintenance needed on the backed/html code.

3. Organization of the uploaded files in one central location (files folder)

4. Built-in user permission / access control.

5. For future updates or migration to a different platform, the content is stored in a single database, which is exportable to different file formats.

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