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As Alfresco developers know the permission management in Alfresco is based on the object like folder or document.

I recently had a non-functional requirement to implement retry mechanisms in any flow that has access to an external system.

Like my colleague Kevin Moll stated in part 1 - what a great week!

I had the opportunity to attend Drupalcon 2015 in LA – what a great week! The Appnovation team attending this event was Af (Afraaz Ali), Alex Brown, Andre Zvonkov, Tim Millwood and Chad DeGroot attending from the dev team.

This week I want to share with you a very useful tip in Alfresco.

Here is a collection of my top 10 favourite fonts right now. I won't bore you with explanations about each one because you're not here to read. You're here to download. Follow the links, most are free!


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