Drupal Alfresco Integration

Appnovation is the expert at Drupal Alfresco integration. The module for the Drupal Alfresco integration development version is now available for download on Drupal.org.

Recognizing a need in the marketplace to bring together Drupal, a dynamic content management system, with Alfresco, a robust back end repository for content, Appnovation created a set of tools and services to easily manage their integration.
Today, what started as integrating two leading open source technologies has now transformed into an initiative, led by Appnovation and supported by our partners, to enable open technologies in the enterprise environment. Integrating Drupal and Alfresco not only combines these two powerful platforms, but also aligns the organizations behind those technologies with each other and the goals and needs of the enterprise.
Why Drupal? Why Alfresco?

Why Drupal?

  • Lightweight webserver footprint
  • Highly scalable and expandable
  • Ease of use for non-technical users

Why Alfresco?

  • Rich document repository system with out of the box features ie. Versioning, Document
  • Search using a Lucene (“Google like”) document indexer
  • Great records management capabilities
  • Supports open standards (CMIS, Web Services, Rest APIs, webdav, CIFS, JSON, JSR 168, RSS, Atom, etc)
How Drupal & Alfresco Work Together
  • Content created within Alfresco can be pushed to Drupal and mapped to specific node types. This is done through the upload function using html files in the Alfresco repository.
  • Content created in Drupal can also be pushed and replicated within the Alfresco repository. Webscripts grab the data and create the node from a preregistered model. Along with content, metadata is replicated across the two systems.
  • Communication between Alfresco and Drupal are done using a custom RESTful API using JSON.
  • Data is replicated across both systems and each platform functions as intended out of the box.
  • Also integration using CMIS.
Why integrate Drupal & Alfresco?
  • Drupal as the front-end provides Alfresco with a highly flexible presentation layer that can be used to build websites that would be more or less impossible with Alfresco alone.
  • Alfresco compliments Drupal by providing a feature rich UI for managing web assets, as well as providing full document and knowledge management for entire organizations.
  • There are many options in terms of scaling the application, for example you can have a low end Alfresco implementation combined with a high scale large volume Drupal front-end.
  • Simple JSON REST API integrates easily into both Alfresco and Drupal.
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The module for the Drupal Alfresco integration development version can be downloaded in our Resources section under Code Snippets. If you have Drupal & Alfresco, why not get them working together?
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