Drupal MuleSoft Integration

Appnovation is the, expert at Drupal MuleSoft integration. Bringing together Drupal, a dynamic CMS, with MuleSoft, the leading open technology ESB, Appnovation created a way to have an amazing front end presentation layer connect to pretty much anything.

Today, the Drupal MuleSoft integration component has also become part of the initiative to drive adoption of the open technologies, led by Appnovation and supported by our partners, to enable open solutions in the enterprise environment. This initiative is not only supposed to integrate technologies, but also align the organizations behind those technologies with each other and the goals and needs of the enterprise. The base module for cornerstone of this initiative is the the Drupal Alfresco integration module, which is currently available for download on Drupal.org.
Appnovation is an Aquia preferred partner and MuleSoft consulting partner with certified developers on both the Drupal and MuleSoft platforms who posses an extensive amount of expertise and experience. 
Why Drupal? Why MuleSoft?

Why Drupal?

  • Proven web content management system
  • Lightweight webserver footprint
  • Secure, stable, scalable and expandable
  • Ease of use for non-technical users
  • Open source and supported by a very active community of users
  • Near limitless customization possibilities to meet the needs of very small niche sites to very robust enterprise builds  

Why MuleSoft?

  • #1 integration platform for the cloud, web and enterprise
  • Ease of creating high-performance, multi-protocol connections involving diverse and varied systems and/or services
  • Allows for integration with other open source technologies as well as non open source technologies
How MuleSoft and Drupal work together

How MuleSoft and Drupal work together

  • Mule ESB as the integration platform allows Drupal to act as the front-end for other applications providing a highly flexible and customizable presentation layer
  • Mule ESB allows quick and easy integrations with other apps allowing for the exchange of data across systems regardless of different technologies that applications use, including JDBC,  JMS, HTTP, Web Services, and many more
  • Mule ESB provides service creation and hosting, service mediation, message routing and data transformation
Why integrate MuleSoft and Drupal

Combining Mule ESB, a Java-based enterprise service bus (ESB) and the world’s top integration platform for the cloud, web and enterprise, with Drupal, the leader in open source web content management, provides companies the ability to easily integrate into enterprise architectures and enhance communication with between other systems and their internal and/or external web presence.

Why integrate MuleSoft and Drupal

  • The key reason is to allow communication between Drupal into other applications and systems either within an enterprise or across the internet
  • Easy integration of Drupal into other enterprise systems
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The base osCaddie module is for Drupal MuleSoft integration development version is now available on Drupal.org. If you have Drupal & MuleSoft, why not get them working together?
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Appnovation is the expert at Drupal MuleSoft integrations, and can easily integrate other open technologies into the enterprise environment.
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Experts at integrating open source, commercial & proprietary systems
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In-house, front-end specialists: Business Analysts, UX/UI Experts & Designers
Partner Supported, Acquia, Alfresco MuleSoft & Google all on board
Proven track record of successful integration projects
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In our first instance of osCaddie (formerly Canopy), we helped Mercy Health build a custom document repository for over 38,000 staff. Drupal and Alfresco sync users with a single archive director...
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