ITRS Rapid process change, seamless integration, software solutions delivery

Rapid process change, seamless integration, software solutions delivery
Since 1997, ITRS Group have been creating software that transforms the mass of raw data generated by financial services organisations, into meaningful information.

Substantila System Performance Increase 
Scalability and Redundancy Improvements 
Improved Business Functionality for Marketing, Sales, HR
Increased team velocity by work tracking capabilities
Capability to track the full SDLC of ITRS products

Services Used

Digital Strategy
Corporate Agility and Readiness

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Project Overview

ITRS engaged Appnovation to assist them with upgrading their Jira Software application, alongside a full migration of data out of Aha!, into their existing JIRA Software system.

As well as offering consulting on various aspects of JIRA Software and development processes. Because the team is using Aha! and not the standard for ITRS (JIRA) executive management does not have the visibility and metrics that they desire.

In order to meet the agreed business KPIs, Appnovation started off with an extensive discovery in order to fully understand all of the areas that were affected by having a distributed business process using tools without any connectivity between each tool.

Our goal also included the delivery of an overall improvement of the digital infrastructure, with integrated improvements leading to an increase in productivity.

Appnovation proactively seeks to solve business problems by getting to the root cause, rather than patching the symptoms, and they consistently go above and beyond what is requested. I wholeheartedly recommend Appnovation to anyone needing an enthusiastic, determined, insightful leader

James Greenwood
Head of Business Systems
appnovation, ITRS, jira, confluence, jira experts, digital consultants, digital experts, corporate readiness
Results and Deliverables
  • Performance was increased substantially by the upgrade, as well as configuration changes made to Jira, Confluence and the databases.
  • Scalability and Redundancy improvements by providing a disaster recovery plan and MS support
  • Ability to replicate Jira projects using the common schema and processes used by all of the development teams, operations, HR and marketing.
  • Re-architected Jira projects, workflows and schemas to better align with product delivery, business process and enterprise themes.
  • Implemented business functionality for Marketing and HR for pre-sales, sales and employee recruiting.
  • This was previously a manual process with spread sheets and email.
  • Ability to work in a full agile process, thus creating iterative releases, common sprint cadence across global teams. As well as, provide traceability and accountability of work completed and not completed.
  • Increased team velocity by providing ability to track work, training on how to estimate story points and utilize WSJF principles.
  • Provided the capability to track the full SDLC of ITRS products
  • Teams work in a more efficient manner with a better understanding of how to use the system
  • Product owners have full visibility on Feature requests both internally (architecture) and externally (client feature requests)
  • Overall user adoption has increased dramatically since the upgrades, improvements and training.
  • Implemented new processes and add-ons which, provide automation of those processes.
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