Salesforce Mobile Integration

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With the launch of the new Salesforce1 mobile application, Salesforce customers are able to complete business actions directly from their phones or other mobile devices. This new app enabled users to sell, service, market and manage business processes easily from anywhere. MuleSoft provided the integration solution platform for the Salesforce1 Mobile App which is what Appnovation uses to assist customers implement this integration. Client companies can leverage the Mulesoft-driven app to connect their enterprise applications to employees and customers seamlessly and thus perform business operations remotely.
Use Cases & Key Benefits

Examples use cases of Salesforce Mobile Integration include:

  • Enable custom applications built on Salesforce1 platform to connect with other applications
  • Enable sales team to create new sales opportunities from their mobile devices
  • Connect a company that has multiple CRM instances and aggregate the compiled data into a unique entity; one that may be accessed remotely from anywhere
  • Enrich HR or Customer information data with data from Facebook before sending it out to users’ mobile devices (e.g. targeting)

The key benefits includes:

  • Facilitate data and business access
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Enhanced inter-application connectivity
  • Scalable and easy maintainable integration
Integration Details

Mule ESB facilitates the integration through the following capabilities:

  • Provides the Mulesoft Anypoint connector that facilitates collection and transmission of Salesforce data to Salesforce1 mobile app
  • Facilitates data transformation easily and effectively from a Salesforce1 mobile application. Data is intercepted as JSON and transformed to a Salesforce application object and vice-versa
  • Allows implementation of REST services on top of existing applications and prepares them to consume by mobile applications
  • Provides the ability to consume SOAP/XML Web Services and make access to encapsulated data model possible, through available services
  • Provides transport protocol HTTP to mobile applications to access REST services
  • Provides protocol transport SMTP for email notifications to mobile applications
  • Facilitates services orchestration as well as services aggregation through flexible mule flow design. As an example, an aggregated service design comprised of two services: one to update a Salesforce object and the second to send an email notification to third parties
  • Additionally, Mule ESB provides the common runtime infrastructure components along with the service bus mediation layer to fulfill applications requirements such as logging, security and deployments
  • Using MuleSoft Anypoint platform, Salesforce mobile applications integration can be achieved easily on-premise or in the cloud
Working with Appnovation
Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
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Proven & Trusted Delivery Methods
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Transparent, Collaborative, Communicative
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