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Sharepoint is widely used as a collaboration tool and content management system (CMS). Sharepoint supports users in the course of their business operations to create, find and share documents. MS Dynamics, on the other hand, is a tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Mule ESB provides the Sharepoint connector module which Appnovation’s MuleSoft experts utilize to make the integration of these two systems smooth, eliminating the need to navigate the low level API. As such, when integrating with MS Dynamics CRM, it is possible for users to perform the same operations they are used to from using Sharepoint directly. This integration leverages MS Dynamics with collaboration features available from Sharepoint.
Use Cases & Key Benefits

Example use cases of Sharepoint MS Dynamics integration are:

  • Create, upload, view, delete and update documents from MS Dynamics
  • Use documents management features from MS Dynamics and check in/out documents, check documents versions and modify documents properties
  • Associate documents in Sharepoint to contact/account objects in MS Dynamics
  • Share CRM data and relationships in MS Dynamics with customers and enable them to send requests, view information and see the results through Sharepoint
  • Access CRM data from Sharepoint

Key benefits includes:

  • Eliminate the need for point-to-point connection
  • Single data point access and elimination of duplicate data
  • Increased productivity and business efficiency
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Completeness in the systems functions (Structured data in MS Dynamics versus unstructured data in Sharepoint)
  • Capability to connect easily with non-Microsoft systems
Working with Appnovation
Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
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Experienced MuleSoft Integration Experts
Appnovation is a certified MuleSoft Consulting partner and has a skilled team of MuleSoft experts proficient in helping organizations strategize, configure and deploy MS Dynamics Sharepoint integration solutions.
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Transparent, Collaborative, Communicative
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