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Continuous Delivery

Many enterprise-level companies and organizations are now looking for cost-efficient continuous delivery options when it comes to meeting their Drupal (web), MuleSoft (integration) and Alfresco (content management) needs.

Today’s web, IT and content management environments, especially in enterprise-level entities, are living, breathing assets that need to be constantly updated, optimized, secured, extended and integrated to meet ever changing and growing business and user needs.  As enterprises grow and accumulate more IT, more divisions and/or more brands they automatically have to address how to handle that growth while at the same time attempt to consolidate efforts and assets to help control costs. Continuous delivery from Appnovation can help make that happen.


Development, Integration & Content Management


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  • Ongoing Effort & Results

    Continuous delivery means that the work never has to stop. Projects are continuously rolled out by the client and undertaken by the team. Whether creating more Drupal sites, implementing new MuleSoft integrations between technologies or accommodating more documents in your Alfresco instance, Appnovation is ready to deliver and meet your business and IT needs.

  • Discounted & Locked-in Rates

    Our packages are built so that the longer you commit, the deeper the discount and the more you can take advantage of the locked-in rates. So no more having to go out to bid, deal with rate increases or re-engage with a different vendor from project to project. Target entry point of four FTEs for a period of no less than twelve months time.

  • Access to Supporting Talent

    In addition to your Continuous Delivery Team, your entity will also have access to engage Appnovation’s other skilled subject matter experts who can help with business analysis, creative design, user experience, solutions architecture, quality assurance and project management.

  • Rapid & Agile Delivery

    We work on two week sprint cycles with the goal being to show you results both quickly and often. We also use a proven, agile methodology so that flexibility is built into our delivery process. We know that results matter and we work to show clients those from the very beginning of, and all the way through, the engagement.

  • Solutions & Strategy

    We are happy to work at your direction and tackle the list of projects you have , but if you are looking for a trusted adviser for guidance on how best to do something we can do that too. We can recommend best practices and allow your organization to tap into our resources years of experience for their recommendations on what to do.

Brands That Trust Us & Why Customers Choose Us For Continuous Delivery

  • Agile delivery methodology
  • Award winning solutions and sites
  • Collaborative, communicative and transparent approach with clients
  • Competitive rates for Drupal, MuleSoft & Alfresco talent
  • Cost-effective annual contracts for resourcing needs
  • Deep open technology expertise and experience
  • In-house, front-end experts: Business Analysts, UX/UI Specialists & Designers
  • Multi-disciplinary team of 150+ experts based in US, Canada & the UK
  • Ongoing delivery without the need to re-engage for every project
  • Performance managed and highly trained resources
  • Proven track record of successful continuous delivery
  • Rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing before “Go-Live”
  • Shorter development times translating to lower costs for customers
  • Top level partner status with Acquia, MuleSoft & Alfresco

Appnovation offers Continuous Delivery packages for enterprise-level entities that are looking for a long term commitment from Appnovation to provide proven talent to meet their Drupal, MuleSoft and/or Alfresco needs. If your business or organization has ongoing delivery needs and would like to take advantage of cost-effective annual contracts for talent, complete the form below and contact us today!

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