Salesforce Marketo Integration

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The integration of Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketo marketing software is a challenge organizations are tackling to more efficiently drive sales and marketing. To overcome this challenge, Appnovation’s certified MuleSoft developers utilize the Anypoint connectors and harness the power of the Mule Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The ESB streamlines the connectivity between both platforms in a loosely coupled architecture and augments Salesforce with the muscle of Marketo. This integration facilitates communication and collaboration between an organization’s sales and marketing teams.

If your enterprise is looking to get the leader in CRM integrated with the most powerful marketing automation platform on the market, there is no better technology to use than MuleSoft and no better firm to make it happen than Appnovation.

Use Cases & Key Benefits

Common use cases include:

  • Create and monitor campaigns and leads in Marketo and share potential lead informations (scoring, behaviours and reactions) with sales team in Salesforce
  • Pull opportunities information from Salesforce into Marketo and monitor their status and the generated earnings

Key benefits include:

  • No point to point integration required
  • Real time information synchronization between Marketo and Salesforce
  • Improved marketing and sales business processes
  • Easily reach more qualified customers
  • Increased sales productivity and ROI
Integration Details

Mule ESB facilitates the integration via the following approaches:

  • Provides the Anypoint connector that facilitates connecting to Salesforce and Marketo seamlessly without the need for low level API programming
  • Provides Mule's Marketo connector, offering a rich API to manage leads, campaigns, leads activities, changes, etc
  • Provides Mule's Salesforce connector allowing the creation of leads and customers from Marketo leads information via a secure API (relying on Oauth access keys and tokens)
  • With the Salesforce and Marketo Anypoint connectors, Salesforce is empowered with Marketo marketing functions. Marketing and sales teams can collaborate effectively by using a single data view of customers
  • The data mapping and transformation between Marketo and Salesforce is achieved using MuleSoft Anypoint DataMapper graphical interface tool, easing developer effort
  • MuleSoft Anypoint platform allows dynamic discovery of either Marketo or Salesforce data models and available operations using the DataSense feature
  • Changes are reflected in Marketo and Salesforce via bi-directional communication between the systems
  • Using MuleSoft Anypoint platform, Marketo and Salesforce integration can be achieved easily on-premise or in the cloud
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Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
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