Appnovation data modeling experts work with clients to create a complete data architecture road map that is foundationally based on best practices, industry standards and latest proven techniques.

Because of the numerous and different types of databases, applications, systems and NoSQL data stores,  many organizations are finding the current state of their data to be complex, unreliable, inconsistent and not easy to work with. This can often lead to misunderstandings, lack of trust, disorganization, errors, low utilization and, ultimately, poor decision making.  Getting this sorted, with a seamless digital solution, is where we come in.

As part of its data modeling services, Appnovation works with clients to create a complete data architecture roadmap that is foundationally based on best practices, industry standards and latest proven techniques.

It is this roadmap and architected structure that gets your enterprise’s data to a reliable and much more usable state, because it employs a strong modeling methodology that brings adaptability, predictability and consistency to even the most varying of environments.

Data Modelling Experts

Appnovation’s data modeling experts can help enterprise level entities bring greater consistency, reliability and usability to even the most complex and disjointed data sets and stores. Furthermore, they are able to integrate data models helping to provide an even better project an even better view of data for departmentmental, business unit and/or corporate decision making needs.

Our data professionals have comprehensive knowledge of the latest and proven data management best practices, concepts, processes, procedures, architectures, designs and techniques.       

Our data modelers start with capturing the requirements of the organization as they are provided. From there they leverage a strategy of  building models that are integrated so as to connect various data sources, systems and applications into a cohesive and streamlined data path.

Additionally its this unified pathway that supports an efficient data warehouse and decreases duplicated systems, platforms and applications, thus releasing resources that would otherwise be engaged to now handle ever growing and changing data requirements that come in both structured and unstructured forms.

Data Modelling Services

The future of any database relies heavily on how the data is modeled and the assurance that all the data objects and sets are successfully integrated with each other. It is even more critical when dealing with “Big Data” sets and objects, and the applications, systems and platforms that go along with processing them.

Appnovation has a tremendous amount of experience helping companies with their data modeling needs and ultimately helping those same entities receive more real-time actionable information to make better decisions.  

Proven Process

Our data modeling specialists approach data from every direction taking into account not only the data itself, but the data sources, what comes in contact with the data, the systems, applications and platforms used to process the data and, level of integration.

This is the only way our team of experts believes a true model can be produced and thus they follow a proven process to achieve that success for clients.  

Data Needs Analysis

Appnovation’s data modeling professionals begin with a business needs analysis and current state review. With the current state review we look at things like: where is the data coming from; how is it currently being organized and processes/applications are doing that organization; who and/or what touches the data and when; what information, if any, is currently being produced and how accurate/actionable is that information; etc.

From there our experts sit with stakeholder and business unit owners to gain better insight into the organization’s current issues as well as gather information on future plans and needs. They also find out what kinds of reports are important and helpful that decisions makers are currently getting, how those reports could be made better and what reports would they like to have that would be entirely new.

Solutions Selection

Based on our analysis of your needs and current state, our specialists can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to tools selection. Making sure to take into account other aspects on top of the needs analysis such as budget and resourcing requirements. Whatever the solutions we recommend, to be sure they will accomplish your needs today and work just as well to accommodate your needs in future.

Furthermore, the solutions selected will be flexible, customizable, reliable and secure, able to handle the most robust of data related needs.  

Additional Services

Appnovation can help enterprise’s with additional data related services that include:  

  • 24x7 DBA Support & Maintenance
  • Data Migration
  • Database Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Database Security
  • Database Programming
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Analytics
Data Modelling Consultants

The installation and integration of the chosen solutions happens as the final step. The designed structure is set up, updated and new processes employed and the varying and numerous data sources are all consolidated and connected to ensure the new model is working efficiently and effectively, producing accurate and quality information.

We also make sure the model and solutions are adaptable to accommodate the changes in the business.

Model Optimization

Appnovation’s data modelers use their extensive knowledge to help fine tune the configuration, data inputs, reporting, systems performance, etc. so that the model truly meets the specific business requirements.   

Additional Services

Appnovation can help enterprise’s with additional data related services that include:  

  • 24x7 DBA Support & Maintenance
  • Data Migration
  • Database Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Database Security
  • Database Programming
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Analytics
Multiple Level Data Modelling

The modeling of data is the first step in database solution design and development so that relationships between data objects can be studied. The data modeling presents a visual representation of data, data sets, relationships and organization.

Data Model Level Types

Conceptual - Defines the business problem that is in need of being addressed. It includes entity relationships and is typically developed first

Logical - Essentially the solution to the database project. Leveraging the findings from the conceptual data model, the logical data model provides the foundation for the construction of that database.

Physical - After the logical data model is planned and designed the physical data model is then developed, implemented and integrated.   

Working with Appnovation
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Competitive Rates & Project Quotes

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