The government sector has found a true partner in Appnovation when it comes to the successful delivery of open technology and digital solutions specifically tailored to meet their business and IT related needs.
We call the US Department of Defense and the World Trade Organization customers, along with other notable State/Province, City and local government bodies and agencies like the New York Department of Transportation, the State of Iowa, the State of Nevada, the Province of British Columbia and the Cities Raleigh, Vancouver and Calgary to name just a few.

Appnovation’s experts can provide a range of government specific technology solutions having to do with the web, mobile, ECM, integration, Big Data and much more, not only helping internal users and stakeholder to do their jobs better and more efficiently, but also create solutions that can positively affect constituents directly. When it comes to building open technology-based solutions for our government customers we always aim to provide them with an end product that is both scalable and secure, completely flexible, feature-packed and high performing, constructed using only the best-of-breed, proven and commercially supported open technologies.
Drupal & Government

Websites Built for Government Needs

Drupal delivers the platform and Appnovation’s developers deliver the ability that can give any government body or agency exactly what it wants in terms of a custom web presence. Flexible, scalable and as secure as possible ( is built on Drupal if that tells you anything about security and government websites) is where our Drupal teams start, always making sure what we build for our government clients is high-performing and feature-packed. Our Drupal experts can build sites to be used externally for public-facing purposes such as to provide information or collect payments as well as for use internally, like an intranet, to store and organize information. Either can be built to accommodate for varying levels of access dependent on security needs allowing for the creation of a collaborative, controlled environment to work in and with. Lastly, through responsive design, Appnovation can build all its government-based Drupal web experiences so they work seamlessly on any and all mobile devices.  

Public Awareness & Participation

Using Drupal, Appnovation can help government bodies or agencies to roll out new detailed announcements to citizens, build communities to drive support or spark debate, engage with constituents to solicit feedback and foster ideas. Through Drupal, our developers can build fully interactive experiences so that not only does the message get to the masses, but the masses can contribute back. Additionally, our experienced Drupal teams can further enhance this experience by implementing full integration with all the major social platforms, allowing for an even broader reach and even more participation.  

MuleSoft & Government

Innovate & Improve Government Services

Whether internal government IT operations or those that directly affect constituents Appnovation can use MuleSoft to get more out of existing technology stacks as well as help to prepare IT environments for the future. In short, using MuleSoft to integrate enables government bodies and agencies to better serve the public. Appnovation’s experts innovate through using MuleSoft to integrate disparate applications and systems, whether they are in the cloud, on premise or both. Likewise our certified MuleSoft developers can integrate all matter of platforms including commercial, proprietary, legacy, open source and even those that are custom built, additionally being able to connect to all manner of mobile devices. Connecting systems and applications for government entities means connecting data, departments and most importantly, people, helping to improve efficiencies, enhance communications, and drive more accurate and quicker reporting.    

Faster, Ongoing Integration Possibilities

Speed of delivery is not only made possible through using MuleSoft, but coupled with our certified and experienced team of developers is what enables connections to be made both quickly and often. Our MuleSoft experts can turn months into weeks and weeks into days, many times even requiring fewer resources to do so. We can help get those integration projects delivered ahead of schedule with far less investment up front, which every government entity loves to hear.  Additionally for those government entities with ongoing needs, our continuous integration packages offer long term, locked-in rates and fully managed and maintained talent levels.      

Reduce & Comply

Appnovation can use MuleSoft to help government bodies integrate their systems and applications while at the same time helping them to reduce their costs and maintain compliance. By implementing MuleSoft integrations, we can help our government clients eliminate those costly point-to-point coding situations that can go on and on, really draining government IT budgets unnecessarily. We can also adopt a more phased in approach to our delivery so as to work well within budgeting and project funding cycles. Furthermore, Appnovation uses MuleSoft for applications and systems integrations with our government clients specifically because it’s an enterprise-grade, fully supported, risk averse option that they can feel confident will comply both with open technology initiatives while at the same time security and access protocols.

Alfresco & Government

Document Handling Optimized

Using the Alfresco ECM platform, Appnovation’s certified experts can build custom solutions to improve how content is handled in government agency environments always making sure they account for what these entities care about most such as security, management, process and collaboration. What our Alfresco development teams can implement and integrate are solutions that fully leverage Alfresco and are designed to meet needs encountered commonly, and specifically, in government bodies. We can build solutions that utilize intelligent capture for paperless documents and records management, automate invoice and bill processing, and create portals and e-forms for e-filings, online applications, procurement requests, etc. Appnovation’s document handling solutions for government ensure cost savings both now and in the future while also being able to handle the constant influx of information and stringent compliance regulations and mandates always found in this sector.  

Migration Made Easy

Not currently on Alfresco but looking to make the move? Appnovation’s has certified resources can help make that happen. We have proven Alfresco migration methodologies and are experienced in working within specific compliance regulations and certification mandates found in the government sector. We can help your entity move from legacy, commercial, proprietary, other open technology platforms and even custom built ECM systems to Alfresco with our streamlined approached. During migration we can recommend and enable various features and functionalities that will get your content management much more secure while at the same time user friendly and collaborative. We can also migrate all of your content or only the content you choose so as to keep what you don’t want moved to Alfresco in its existing system or application. Lastly, we maintain Platinum Partner with Alfresco, which requires our Alfresco teams, among other things, to be certified and well versed when it comes to Alfresco’s product line.

MongoDB & Government

Better Analytics, Management & Engagement

Government entities are commonly, and notoriously, behind when it comes to big data and business intelligence compared to their corporate counterparts. Utilizing MongoDB, Appnovation’s experts can significantly even that playing field and specifically focus on agency needs that will make the most difference. We can build MongoDB solutions that will perform real-time analysis and be able to provide geospatial information and pattern recognition. Furthermore, Appnovation’s MongoDB developers can build solutions that can aggregate, house and expose information both securely and easily, making it possible to be searched and found quickly. Lastly, our MongoDB teams can build solutions meant to help government entities engage with their constituents, by easily handling both variety and volumes of incoming data types and leveraging that information to quickly develop and customize experiences across multiple platforms.   

Capture, Analyze & Catalog

This comes as no surprise, but data is literally happening all the time all around us and today unlike in the past, there are more and more of it coming from a slew of different sources that make it possible to capture and analyze. Appnovation uses MongoDB as the ideal capture and analysis tool for government entities looking to handle vast amounts of information, at volumes that ebb and flow, coming across at a range of speeds, through a variety of platforms. Additionally, Appnovation’s MongoDB expert teams can build tracking systems to handle the variety of assets, such as physical (such as vehicles parked or on the go) or intangible (like locations of those vehicles), so the associated information is easily stored and accessed both securely and quickly. Government bodies and agencies typically operate and/or oversee a multitude of constituent services making such a flexible and scalable solution the ideal option to employ.

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