When it comes to open technology and digital solutions for enterprise level Banking institutions, Financial Services firms and Insurance brokerages, Appnovation can deliver a range of services including strategy, design, development, support and more.

With a client roster boasting such names as American Express, Moody's, Central 1 Credit Union and MetLife to name just a few, other institutions in the banking, insurance, investments and credit sectors can feel confident that our talented resources can provide solutions to even their most complex of challenges.

Appnovation is known for creating some of the most high-performing and featured-packed solutions on the market for web, mobile, integration, ECM, Big Data, business intelligence and beyond, specifically tailored to meet the most intricate of needs and/or overcome even the greatest of challenges found in the financial industry. Appnovation’s experienced designers, developers and architects build their solutions to be secure, scalable and flexible, able to address both mobile and integration requirements that clients have.

Drupal & Financial Services

Digital Engagement Executed

Using Drupal, Appnovation can help clients Financial Services industry connect with their customers on several levels.  Our Drupal developers and architects can build a secure and cross-platform Drupal-based digital experience that can can help financial services firm’s launch new products or services, conduct online retail transactions, service existing customers and convert visitors into new customers. Any and all can be achieved via Appnovation’s Drupal experts in design and development, making sure that the solution built can scale when needed, able to add on more features and functionality to accommodate growth as well as integrate with other systems and applications as they come online.  

Personalized Customer Experiences

Appnovation’s Drupal developers can create personalized customer experiences based on data captured on the user from a variety of settings both on and offline. Appnovation can leverage this information and utilize Drupal to serve up custom messaging and images, more relevant content and links, products/services promotions, specific portals designed to elicit action or response, etc. in addition to seeing their own account related information, all while the user is logged into their account, and in some cases without. The personalized customer experience can be tailored to the individual financial sector client’s needs for their customers and constructed in such a way to help drive more engagement and further deepen customer loyalty.

MuleSoft & Financial Services

Leverage The Old, Speed Up New

Using MuleSoft, Appnovation’s certified experts can help financial sector clients get more out of their existing systems while at the same time speed up the time it takes to implement new applications. Our MuleSoft development teams can breath new life into those legacy systems by integrating them with the rest of your IT infrastructure so that information contained within them is no longer siloed and is now free to be used by other applications more readily. Likewise, when adding new applications to the stack, Appovation’s approach using MuleSoft can significantly reduce time to market or time to full operational effectiveness over typical SOA and point to point methods. Whether leveraging the old, or speeding up the new, Appnovation MuleSoft solutions for both cases will assist with modernizing IT architecture through integration no matter where those systems and applications reside, be they in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid of both. Either or both can be achieved in addition to alleviating security and compliance concerns as well as ensuring scalability for future growth needs.

Customer Loyalty Construction

Appnovation’s certified and experienced MuleSoft developers can help financial services firms like banking institutions, credit unions, insurance companies, investment houses and credit card backers to better serve their customers by connecting various systems, applications and platforms where customer data is stored. Through making these integrations, data can be consolidated, enabling better customer profiles to be constructed and conducting more in depth analysis of customer behaviors. This information in turn can be used to develop better targeted loyalty programs, allow greater access to customers’ own information securely and open up new ways to reach them such as mobile, all in the name of customer service and retention improvement.    

Opening New Channels Faster

As enterprise level financial institutions continue to grow though adding new lines of business and/or acquisition, Appnovation’s certified MuleSoft developers can assist them with integrating the new IT systems and applications into their existing platforms no matter where they reside (cloud, on premise) nor what type they are (commercial, proprietary, open source, legacy, custom built). Appnovation’s MuleSoft experts can not only get the systems connected substantially quicker than other types of approaches like point to point approaches, but can also offer financial services firms continuous integration options for those needing longer term and ongoing integration. Appnovation makes it possible for more to be folded into the technology stack, both securely and at a faster rate, so that data can start being shared across multiple systems that much quicker enabling financial services to increase revenue, lower costs and improve customer service.

Alfresco & Financial Services

Processing Automation Implementation

Even as the need for actual paper continues to decline, online documentation (forms and documents) in the financial services industry continue to grow. Loan and credit applications, insurance claims, payment transaction receipts, customer invoices, etc can all be processed faster through Appnovation’s certified experts leveraging the Alfresco platform. Appnovation’s Alfresco developers can integrate Alfresco with an institution’s current business solutions as well as automate workflows so as to make it easy to use and reduce time and costs. Appnovation’s Alfresco processing automation solution can also put to rest security, compliance or scalability concerns that IT or business stakeholders may have.  

The Everything Document Storage

Appnovation’s certified Alfresco experts can customize the out of the box Alfresco features and functionalities to ensure that no matter the financial sector or specific institution needs, everything that is promised can be leveraged and more. Appnovation can ensure financial institutions are developed something that not only meets their specific business and IT needs for document handling but in general is flexible, scalable and secure while at the same time remains a platform that is in compliance and collaborative to use. Furthermore, Appnovation possesses capabilities to integrate all manner of Alfresco instances with a plethora of other systems and application and can also enable mobile options for those customers who wish to go cross-platform. Lastly, for those enterprise-level financial firms with ongoing Alfresco development needs, Appnovation can also offer long term continuous delivery options for their enterprise content management needs.

Hadoop & Financial Services

Lower Risk & Uncover Fraud

Whether the risk associated with loan applications, credit applications, insurance forms or investment house trade data, Appnovation can utilize Hadoop to help financial services firms substantially reduce their exposure to risk as well as catch and close down fraud. Appnovation’s Hadoop experts are able to capture, store and process huge amounts of data that enables financial institutions a deep analysis across a variety of data points so that information can be correlated and patterns established. The more information compiled the more subtle the trigger threshold for alert can be achieved so as to uncover previously missed high risk situations as well as head off potential opportunities for future fraudulent activity. Appnovation’s Hadoop developers also make possible the storage and real-time use of data across such points as financial transactions and trade day volumes, so that analysis can be done on the day or years later. All of which can be used in helping to combat things like credit, loan and insurance fraud, money laundering and rogue trading.

Structuring the Unstructured

Structured data in financial services firms is available most readily to be used as needed, but when it comes to unstructured data, like account notes or social media analysis many institutions find themselves without any scalable options and having to work with the information on an individual basis. Appnovation’s Hadoop developers can create a solution leveraging Apache Hadoop that will will allow for much wider varieties of data streams to be processed and correlated with more typical data points being captured. Information that was once siloed to a specific account can now be unified with the same types of data from other accounts helping to create a much clearer and complete view as to how things like new product launches are faring and risk is being minimized. Furthermore, Appnovation can integrate this solutions with BI tools for much deeper analysis.  

MongoDB & Financial Services

Faster Speeds & Massive Storage

Appnovation’s MongoDB experts can help those enterprise level financial firms with the capture and correlation market data analytics at much faster speeds than other platforms. All the while recognizing far greater time improvements, much lower latency and significantly reduced costs across the board. Additionally, Appnovation MongoDB developers and architects can construct storage solutions that will allow for long term storage compliance requirements to be met while at the same time be flexible enough to handle both exponential amounts and diverse types of data.  

Single Customer View Construction

Appnovation can build a MongoDB-based solutions that will provide firms in the financial services industry a single view of their customers. Using MongoDB Appnovation’s experts can capture and correlate data from a wide variety of sources, ranging up to near infinite amounts, coming in at all rates of speeds. Appnovation’s data scientists and solutions architects can then help financial companies with reporting that will enable better servicing of customers as well as potentially open opportunities of new revenue streams through upsell and cross-sell.

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Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
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