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Life Science & Healthcare Solutions

When it comes to open technology solutions for enterprise level Life Sciences companies and Healthcare organizations Appnovation can deliver. With repeat customers like Pfizer, Sutter Health and Mercy Health using solutions built by Appnovation’s certified experts and having sucessfully delivered projects to the Hawaii Department of HealthAgeMD, Get Healthy Harlem and Doxa Dental, other entities in these sectors can feel confident that our talented resources have the answers to even their most complex of challenges.

Appnovation can create some of the most high-performing and featured-packed solutions on the market for web, mobile, integration, ECM and beyond, specifically tailored to meet the most complex of needs and/or overcome even the greatest of challenges found in the life sciences and healthcare industries. Appnovation’s experienced designers, developers and architects build their solutions to be secure, scalable and flexible, able to address both mobile and integration requirements.

Building For Brands

Enterprise-level pharma, biotech, medical device and healthcare companies can utilize Appnovation’s skilled Drupal development and design teams to create and launch custom sites using the Drupal platform to meet all their digital experience and promotional needs of their portfolios of brands for their customers. Furthermore, we can design, develop and launch site after site, experience after experience, using our continuous delivery model making sure that every Drupal-based digital asset is in full compliance with your specific brand’s standards and achieves the look, feel and function desired.  Appnovation’s Drupal experts can also address mobile and integration needs, making sure your new brand digital experience can be had on any device seamlessly across all platforms, while at the same time fully connected to other systems and applications like CRM, marketing automation and social media.

Science & Compliance

Appnovation can leverage Drupal for life sciences and healthcare organizations to help them build and manage digital portfolios well beyond the management and marketing of brands. Think solutions to address research and development complexity needs, coupled with overcoming scalability and regulation challenges, all the while keeping communication and collaboration channels open and secure. Appnovation’s Drupal development experts can also help migrate and consolidate your content management system needs onto Drupal thus centralizing efforts and simplifying compliance and further reducing costs.

Integration to Operationalize & Save  

Appnovation’s teams of experienced and certified MuleSoft developers can help life sciences and healthcare companies integrate across a variety of systems and applications, even possessing the ability to connect to sector specific system tools via industry messaging standards, transfer protocols and graphical transformation to accomplish it. Additionally, Appnovation’s MuleSoft experts can build and deploy application and system connections in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid combination of both. Appnovation’s integration solutions for life sciences and healthcare can help to streamline both business, scientific and R&D processes, reduce ongoing development and management of point-to-point integrations, translating to an overall decrease in operational and IT costs.   

Connect Systems to Better Care for Patients & Cater to Customers

Using MuleSoft, Appnovation can help healthcare organizations and life sciences companies to connect their systems and application to help build more complete profiles of their patients and customers. Through Appnovation’s certified MuleSoft experts making these connections, the data from different information streams can be utilized to build a more holistic view of patients and customers. Helping healthcare and life sciences organizations to provide better patient care, deliver more effective products and services and keep customers and employees more informed. All being done with scalability, flexibility, performance and security as top priorities.  

Building for Compliance

With so much oversight, regulation and compliance requirements governing what healthcare organizations and life sciences companies, there is no question that Alfresco is right choice for enterprise content management. And to truly achieve a secure repository, with custom workflows, defined user controls and access rights, enabled collaborative exchanges between users, complete audit trails to trace modifications, versions and user actions and process compliance with regulations, there is no better firm to implement your solution than Appnovation. Our teams of certified and experienced Alfresco developers and integrators are well versed in not only in implementing Alfresco, but are specifically customizing it to fully comply with regulatory requirements governing such data as personal information, medical information, clinical studies and trials, R&D testing protocols, scientific experiments, etc. Furthermore, our Alfresco teams can ensure your content repository maintains its compliance across mobile platforms and through integration opportunities with other systems and in the cloud.       

Making Content Collaboration & Storage Mobile

Appnovation’s Alfresco experts can build a mobile solution that will allow clients in the healthcare and life sciences sectors to access, collaborate and store different content types via mobile device. This solution involves implementing Alfresco as the content repository and building a mobile app that serves as the access point to the content type(s) to be manipulated and then stored. Making sure the data is secure, workflows are in compliance and full auditability is enabled. The solution works for multiple use case in healthcare and life sciences, for example: drug and device reps in the field calling on clients or potential customers, doctors doing rounds at one or multiple hospitals, or R&D professionals running trials or experiments across multiple labs. Accessing Alfresco via mobile can significant decrease actual paper in paperwork, reduce risk of non-compliance through automated workflows and allow for collaboration across environments of use. Best of all, Appnovation builds this mobile Alfresco solution so it is fully scalable and completely flexible to grow and meet future needs.  

Document Collaboration Made Easy

Appnovation’s Alfresco developers can build an ECM solution for life sciences and healthcare companies that make collaboration both easy and secure. We can enable more accurate search capabilities, different user access levels, better version control and comprehensive auditing always making sure that the ability to collaborate effectively between stakeholders, employees even customers, is paramount. Our Alfresco specialists can also alleviate concerns over organization and storage by implementing automated workflows to ensure users can always quickly the latest, most up to date content.   

Store Enormous Amounts of Data Forever

Not only can Appnovatin’s Hadoop experts help healthcare and life sciences companies process and analyze extremely large amounts of data, but they can also create perpetual storage solutions for scientific research, clinical trial, R&D results, etc. type data sets. These Hadoop platform-based storage solutions can be created to handle information of near limitless size and complexity while also making the data easy to query and totally secure. Furthermore, Appnovation’s storage solutions not only offer future users the ability to validate and reuse the data as needed, but also make the information storage a much more cost effective, scalable alternative.  

Process & Analyze Massive Data Sets

The human genome, animal DNA, plant cells etc. can all provide exponential amounts of data used in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Appnovation’s data scientists, coupled with our Hadoop developers, can build solutions to process and analyze this information so that the scientists, doctors, device makers and drug creators can generate their own solutions to specifically designed to target what ails humankind most and to elevate people’s quality of life. Appnovation’s Hadoop solutions can also process data sets from multiple sources in a variety of formats helping to combine and test this information to extrapolate patterns, relationships, forecasts and reporting in real-time.     

Track & Plan for the Future

Appnovatin’s Hadoop consultants can utilize this Big Data technology to help enterprise level life sciences and healthcare entities to collect and analyze information from a variety of sources to provide valuable data for forecasting future purchase needs and improving operations. Think of all the different data streams found in what’s used at places like hospitals, labs, R&D centers, etc. such as equipment, medicines, and chemicals. Then combine that information with the data from each such as contents (make up and amounts), location details, shipping data, manufacturer name, manufacture date, cost information, and in the short term locate equipment in real-time or enable drugs to be utilized before they expire, and in the long term use the historical data gathered over time to reduce costs, forecast procurement and improve processes.  

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Enterprise-level hospitals, pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies can feel confident when it comes to Appnovation. We’ve built solutions for some of the largest, most complex healthcare organizations and life sciences companies in the world, not only helping them to address their challenges, but also partnering with them to service their ongoing and future needs. So if you looking for a firm that can not only deliver, but deliver value as well, contact us today and let’s get started.

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