When it comes to retail and consumer brands, no firm knows the sectors better and is able to provide digitally transformative experiences better than Appnovation.

With a client roster boasting Reebok, Estee Lauder, Coca Cola GE, Samsung, Rockport and Kobo to name just a few, other brands in these sectors can feel confident that our talented resources can provide solutions to even their most complex of challenges.
Appnovation is known for creating some of the most high-performing and featured-packed solutions on the market for web, mobile, integration, ECM, business intelligence and beyond, specifically tailored to meet the most intricate of needs and/or overcome even the greatest of challenges found in the retail and CPG industries. Appnovation’s experienced designers, developers and architects build their solutions to be secure, scalable and flexible, able to address both mobile and integration requirements.
Retail, CPG & Drupal

Building The Digital Brand Portfolio

Appnovation Drupal experts make it possible for the retail and consumer package goods sector enterprise-level companies to easily build their digital brand portfolios to provide unique experiences both online and across mobile. Appnovation can help multi-brand entities easily build unique digital experiences while at the same time adhering brand standards and providing consistency when it comes to look and feel for visitors. Whether enabling your digital teams to do it themselves or through Appnovation’s own continuous development offering http://www.appnovation.com/solutions/continuous-delivery/drupal, our developers can provide the ongoing solutions that will not only address today’s challenges, but be flexible to meet tomorrow’s as well. Ensuring a fully streamlined and integrated consumer experience for as long as your brands need it helping to drive brand loyalty, trust and sales.    

E-Commerce With Acquia Commerce

Appnovation, an Acquia Enterprise-select partner, can customize Acquia Commerce to meet enterprise level retail needs. Our Drupal designers and developers can create imaginative, unforgettable shopping experiences that will not only be pleasing to the customer eye and easily navigable, but do what retail and consumer companies want customers to do, buy something, make a purchase. Our Drupal experts make the promise of combining engaging content with the e-commerce http://www.appnovation.com/solutions/e-commerce buying experience made by Acquia Commerce, not only a reality now, but an advantage well into the future. Like never before, Appnovation’s Acquia Commerce developers can customize the platform to make it easy to: spin up optimized landing pages for products and services that are connected to the brand and overall digital strategy; create consistent and connected digital experiences for consumers; and, to reduce IT resources dependencies allowing for more reliance on marketing and merchandise teams to make content and page updates. Appnovation implements Acquia Commerce to be both scalable and secure with the ability to integrate and work seamlessly across mobile platforms.

Socializing The Digital Marketplace

Appnovation’s Drupal design and development teams can create a social marketplace for companies wanting to connect both buyers AND sellers on a single dot com. Appnovation can make it possible for sellers to create their own custom storefronts adding such enhancements as image, music and video uploads. Sellers can also be enabled to integrate their individual social media feeds, like Twitter, and utilize sign in access through Facebook Connect. Products and stores can be promoted to the front page by employing the Drupal Voting module to tabulate as other users “like” or "fistbump" those items/pages. Our developers can likewise make it possible for users to contact each other via a built in internal messaging system. Lastly, these Drupal-based social marketplaces integrate such well-known payment mechanisms like Ubercart, Beanstream and/or PayPal for the e-commerce component.

Retail, CPG & MuleSoft

Building Complete 360 Customer Views

Appnovation’s experienced and certified MuleSoft experts can help enterprise level retail and consumer goods companies get a more accurate picture of their customers through integration. Able to connect such systems and applications from a variety of industry leaders for ERP, CRM, marketing automation, social media, POS, web CMS, mobile applications, business intelligence, Big Data, identity management, ECM and more, to provide a full, even real-time, view of the customer. The more Appnovation can integrate using MuleSoft, the more data that gets connected and the more complete the picture becomes, enabling retail and consumer goods companies to drive more targeted engagement and more sales.

Connecting the On-Premise With the Off

The customer experience for retail and consumer goods companies is more critical today than it ever has been in the past. Utilizing MuleSoft, our certified experts can architect a solution that can connect your in-store, on premise experience with the one found on web and/or mobile platforms. Through systems integration, Appnovation can make it possible for companies to unify their brands and provide a consistent customer experience no matter how the enterprise is engaged. Furthermore, Appnovation’s MuleSoft architects http://www.appnovation.com/services/mulesoft-development can build an integration solution that would even allow companies to engage with their customers via web and/or mobile while they are actually in the store. 

Beyond Real-Time Sales & Inventory

Appnovation can implement MuleSoft to integrate your sales and inventory systems with other applications to help optimize retail supply chain even further. Appnovation’s MuleSoft developers can make it so events trigger the real-time sharing of data flows to both internal employees covering a range of functions as well as external partners and suppliers who are also invested in the success of the retail chain or consumer good. This type of integration doesn’t just keep shelves fully stocked, but can also help retail and consumer goods companies (and the entities that support them) make better decisions when it comes to targeting and timing of marketing messages, hiring (or firing) of employees, expansion (or contraction) of store space, and much much more.

Retail, CPG & Alfresco

Digital Asset Storage Enhanced

Appnovation’s certified Alfresco developers can help enterprise level retail and consumer goods entities to create Alfresco-based content repositories suitable to handle a range of content types including document, image, audio and visual. This solution can streamline sharing, speed up distribution, maintain and audit trail, encourage consistency and reuse, and, ultimately  provide a web-based secure, searchable, centralized storage platform for internal teams, partners and resellers to access. This solution can also built to be both scalable and flexible to grow and change as the entities needs do as well as be accessible via mobile and fully integratable with other systems and applications.

Retail, CPG & Hadoop

Optimize Online & In-Store

Appnovation’s Hadoop developers, architects and scientists can assist enterprise-level retail and consumer goods companies with optimizing both their online and in-store presences. Large retailers and consumer goods companies drive tremendous amounts of traffic to their respective sites and stores, and thus huge volumes of data are created like clicks, purchases/abandon carts, time on page, entry/exit, pages visited in the case of online, and store visits, foot traffic patterns, checkout volumes, entries/exits, time department, in the case of in-store. Utilizing Hadoop to log and store the data, Appnovation can help companies leverage this intelligence to improve online and in-store experiences, leading to increased conversion and in-store sales which translates to increased revenue and improved customer loyalty.

Social Brand Measurement

Enterprise-level retailers and consumer goods companies can now get a better idea of how their brand is doing through social media. Appnovation’s Hadoop experts can help enterprises in this sector better analyze things like news articles, blog postings, advertising campaigns, products launches, sales promotions, and even competitor actions via brand related opinions expressed on social media streams of such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more. Appnovation, through Hadoop, can give these entities a better understanding of how their brand, or brands, are perceived by customers, even in real-time, so the company can then take measures to align future actions, such as promotions, communications and product placements to address them.  

360 Degree View Builds of the Customer

Utilizing Hadoop, Appnovation can help retail and CPG companies capture, correlate and analyze the multiple and various streams of data that represent customer interactions. From in store purchases to social mentions via mobile device, Appnovation’s Hadoop experts can take all the information and construct a 360 degree view of a customer’s behavior. Through the efforts of Appnovation’s Hadoop developers and data scientists, retail and CPG sector clients can realize longer and more robust data storage of customer information, customer lifecycle phases and better, more accurate customer analytics. All of which can translate into more sales, customer retainment and reduced inventory costs.

Retail, CPG & MongoDB

Personalized Shopping Experiences

Appnovation can use MongoDB to help retailers and consumer goods companies create the ultimate shopping experience. Not only online or via mobile device, but also in-store and in real-time through your in store associates. Whether online, mobile or in-store Appnovation’s MongoDB consultants can build an engine for recognizing existing customers, as well as distinguishing likely new ones, to help target specific messages (ads, sales, promotions) no matter how, and when, the visitor engages. Appnovation can accomplish this by customizing and integrating MongoDB to collect data from a variety of information sources, thus helping retailers and CPG companies build rich customer profiles which can assist in recognizing buying intent and then recommending targeted promotions.

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Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
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