Higher Education & Open Technologies

Our open technology-based, digitally transformative solutions for the higher education sector are high-performing, feature-packed, fully scalable, built to be both flexible and secure, always taking into account future needs just as much as what is needed right now.

Furthermore our solutions for colleges and universities can successfully address both mobile and integration challenges while at the same time be in compliance with technology requirements and information privacy standards found at even the most rigorously governed institutions. When it comes to higher education and addressing technology needs and challenges, we can build and deliver the right solution for the job.
We're proud to call such esteemed academic institutions as Stanford, the University of Phoenix, the University of Wisconsin and the University of Washington as clients. Even fellow education solutions providers like Teach For All come to us to help the with their open technology needs. What brings them to Appnovation? The ability to deliver impactful, higher education specific solutions and the ability for these institutions and organizations to view Appnovation as partner and trusted advisor, not just a delivery firm.
Drupal & Higher Education

Digitize Your Students, Faculty & Alumni

There is no better platform than Drupal for higher education institutions and there is no better firm to build what’s needed by these academic institutions than Appnovation. Whether public-facing or internal to a specific department or user group, Appnovation can create a plethora of digital experiences for the higher education sector. Online classrooms, main university/college sites, departmental sites, student and alumni communities, faculty intranets, admissions portals and much much more can all be built by Appnovation’s experienced Drupal development teams. Furthermore, Appnovation’s higher education Drupal-based digital experiences always involve options to meet any mobile and cross-platform needs as well as address desires for a consistent look and feel.

Migrate & Integrate Your Campus

Appnovation’s Drupal teams are well versed in helping institutions move away from a variety of systems to the Drupal CMS. Whether commercial, proprietary, legacy, custom-built or other open technology platforms, Appnovation has the proven methodology that gets the job done time and time again, moving data, users and content across both easily and quickly. When it comes to multi-site development, our Drupal experts are unparalleled at helping institutions of an enterprise-caliber level construct and consolidate onto one platform and fully maximize its robust potential as an all encompassing digital platform.

Furthermore, integrating Drupal to connect users and information across a variety of systems and applications found in a university or college setting is a cornerstone of what separates Appnovation’s from our competitors. We can easily and seamlessly make a vast number connection possibilities happen to make your Drupal platform that much more powerful a tool used by everyone in and associated with the academic institution.   

Campus Communities Creation  

Appnovation can leverage Drupal to accommodate even the most diverse of community needs found at universities or colleges. Our Drupal developers can enable functionalities and features in Drupal so they are readily available and can then in turn be leveraged easily by those wishing to build, launch and manage online communities, with very minimal IT prowess required to do so. We can bring universal consistency to the overall look and usability while still allowing for customization by the community owners to meet their specific goals for the group. Appnovation’s Drupal developer’s enable communities for academic, social, sports, greek, science, technology, faculty, alumni and more to be built and able to take full advantage of Drupal’s security, performance, scalability, flexibility and ability to integrate with social media and go mobile through responsive design.

Alfresco & Higher Education

Campus Content Management

While less and less paper is being used on college and university campuses today, more and content, specifically documents are being created in the higher education sector than ever before. Appnovation’s certified Alfresco developers can create custom document and records management platforms to help higher education institutions successfully migrate content of all types, create repositories, develop workflows, establish taxonomy structures, enable searchability, define collaboration and user roles, and, integrate with other systems and applications. Our Alfresco experts make content like course materials and student records much more manageable and secure throughout their entire lifecycle with the academic institution. Furthermore, Appnovation’s Alfresco developers make sure that the Alfresco-based solution is fully scaleable and completely flexible to meet ongoing growth needs of the institution.

Working with Appnovation
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Competitive Rates & Aggressive Project Quotes
Got a project? Make sure to get a quote from us! We are known in the market for our competitive rates and aggressive project quotes. With references like ours, there is no reason you shouldn’t.
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Transparent, Collaborative, Communicative
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Why Customers Choose Us for Higher Education Digital Solutions
Ability to integrate systems, platforms and applications
Accelerated development times, translating to lower costs
Agile development and project methodology
Award winning open technology solutions
Collaborative, transparent and friendly approach with clients
Cross-functional team of 250+ experts based in North America, Europe & Asia
Competitive rates for certified and experienced talent
Deep open technology expertise and experience
In-house front-end experts: Business Analysts, UX/UI Specialists & Designers
Proven track record of successful project and engagement delivery
Rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing before “Go-Live” events
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When it comes to open technology-based solutions and higher education institutions, we know what to do. We’ve built solutions for some of the largest, most complex colleges and universities in the world, not only helping them to address their challenges, but also partnering with them to service their ongoing and future needs. So if you looking for a firm that can not only deliver, but deliver value as well, contact us today and let’s get started.